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Oliver Polak is not ashamed to tell his audience on stage that he doesn’t believe in Zionist narrative of the Holocaust; ‘Six Million Died’. Polaks, known as ”the only German Jew comedian“ has been criticized by Israel lobby group for making fun of the new Jewish religion. Polaks response has always been: “I’m allowed to do that. I’m a Jew“. Sometime, Polak even has made fun of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, whose leaders have slammed Polak’s Gentile audience more than the comedian for laughing at his anti-Holocaust jokes instead of showing their guilt for what their Nazi ancestors had done to the European Jews.

Interestingly, German-born Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut, former president of Canadian Jewish Congress (an Israeli lobby group), in his 1990 book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah’, had claimed that Holocaust was committed by Frankist Jews.

All German Jews are not like Polak. With daily dose of German crimes against the Jews during the Nazi era, has kept the new German generations feeling guilty of their ancestors. They usually let the fanatic Jews insult their religion and race. For example, in the past the Jewish groups had defended German photographer Daniel Josefsohn 51, who named his dog Jesus (sic), whose Berlin studio boasts an AK-47 bearing the words “I love Jews”, and who once climbed into the garden of former house of Reichsmarshall Hermann Goering (with Jewish family roots and one of the leading Nazi-Zionist collaborators), to raise Israeli flag.

Polak’s most popular stunt is the “Who’s Jewish and Who’s Not” (Das Judenspiel) game show.

Polak says that Jews are allowed to make jokes about the Shoah or other Nazi-related horrors because such subject matter is a part of their culture. Polak is not just a comedian. He is author of book, ‘I Dare to, I’m Jewish (Ich darf das, ich bin Jude)’. His next book is entitled ‘Torah Reloaded’. Watch a video of Polak’s interview below.

All Zionist controlled western government leaders and mainstream media have accused Iranian president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of denying the Zionists’ narrative of the Holocaust. However, the accusation is based on pro-Israel propaganda lie posted on the front page of New York Times (September 18, 2009). The paper took Ahmadinejad’s speech at the annual Al-Quds rally out of context and as translated into English by Israeli Hasbara organ, Memri. The paper claimed that during his “fiery anti-Israeli speech”, Ahmadinejad called “the Holocaust a lie”. What Ahmadinejad said in Farsi language, if translated into English without using ‘Zionist mindset’ – goes like this: “If the Holocaust, as you claim, is true, why don’t you allow a probe into the issue?“. He also added: “We all agree that the Holocaust happened in Europe. So, why Palestinians are forced to pay for the genocide of Jews at the hands of European?”

In fact, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizballah, was more to-the-point in his speech on the same day. He said: “We will never agree to Israel’s right to exist“. Read the English translation of his speech delivered in Arabic, here.

When Flemming Rose, the Jewish cultural editor of Danish daily Jayllands-Posten published several anti-Prophet of Islam cartoons, he was defended by all Zionist-controlled world leaders and mainstream media – under his ‘freedom of press’ rights. In order to show the true face of western so-called “freedom of press”, editor of an Iranian daily sponsored a two-day international conference on Holocaust. The conference was held on December 11-12, 2006 and was attended by over 70 historians, scientists, journalists and religious leaders from around the world including five Jewish rabbis. Interestingly, the leaders who had defended Flemming Rose earlier – called Tehran conference ‘anti-Semitic’.

Another example of West’s “freedom of thought” – It’s a crime to question the “six million” number in 15 European countries. It’s punishable with big fine or three years in jail – or both.

One of the attendees of Tehran conference was British journalist and researcher Alexander Baron. Read his reflection of the Tehran conference, here and his speech he delivered at the conference, here.

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