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On Sunday, Israel’s interior minister Eli Yishai declared German Nobel Laureate, Guenter Grass, persona non grata, for his poem claiming that Israel and not Iran, is the greatest threat to world peace. The paranoid Zionist has advised Grass to publish such anti-Israel material in Iran to find audience. He also demanded the Nobel Prize Committee should withdraw Grass’ 1999 Nobel Prize for Literature.

“If Guenter wants to continue publicizing his distorted and false work, I suggest he do it from Iran, where he will find a supportive audience“.

I guess, Eli Yishai, do believe deep inside that Iran has more freedom of speech than Israel and the rest of the West under Zionists control. Iran proved it in December 2006 by holding an international conference on Holocaust in Tehran. The conference was attended by 73 scholars from around the world including five Jewish rabbis.

I bet Grass must be laughing at Israel’s desperate move. Why would he miss Israel at his old age when he never visited the Racist Marxist Israel before? Furthermore, over 100,000 Jews have left Israel for Germany because they consider Germany much safer than Israel for the Jews.

The leaders of 3.5 million German Jews and Christian politicians on Israel Lobby’s payroll are running a vicious smear campaign against Grass for making a ‘politically wrong statement’.

German foreign minister, Guido Westerwelle called Grass’ poem: “To put Israel and Iran morally on the same level is not intelligent, it’s absurd“.

German MP Rolf Muetzenich, belonging to Germany’s main opposition party, Social Democrats, commented: “Guenter Grass views are not anti-Semitic. The Israeli reaction is a sign of hopelessness“.

Guenter Grass has the satifaction that he has joined a long list of Judeo-Christian critics of the Zionist regime who have been declared persona non grata by the Zionist regime which doesn’t believe in ‘freedom of speech’ when it’s directed toward Israel. The list includes famous German poet Richard Wagner, UN Special Rapporteur professor Richard Anderson Falk, South African Zionist Jewish judge Richard Goldstone for reporting Israeli war crimes during 2008 Gaza attack, Jewish professor Noam Chomsky, Jewish professor Norman Finkelstein for praising Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah in 2006, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Ivan Prado, Spain’s most famous clown, for his support for PLO and British journalist Peter Hounam for interviewing Israeli nuclear whistleblower Mordechai Vanunu and author of book ‘The Woman from Mossad’.

“Denying me entry into the West Bank is a minor event, but it’s significant because it shows how irrational Israel’s actions are,” said the Crypto-Zionist Noam Chomsky.

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