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The other day, two news about Zionist regime’s closest European ally, Germany, caught my attention. In one news item Jewish media praised Germans for voting Marina Weisband 25, a Ukraine-born Jewish politician as country’s “sexist female politician”. She is member of ‘Pirate Party Germany’. She scored 29% of 1,000 Germans who participated in a Playboy online poll conducted recently. She is involved in combating the rise in anti-Israel feelings (antisemitism) in Germany. Interestingly, the “Israeli woman in Berlin”, Chancellor Angela Markel 58, received only 2% of votes!

The other news item was – American Jewish writer and author, Tuvia Tenenbom’s latest book ‘I Sleep in Hitler’s Room: An American Jews visit Germany’. The book is author’s six month labor in conducting interviews with several Germans in 40 cities to find out their views about Jews and Israel.

In his travelog, Tuvia Tenenbom claims that in Germany where the legal system impose mandatory jail sentence (upto 3 years), for denying the Six Million Died theory – many Germans denies it ever happened and “advocate for killing of Jews”.

During a recent interview with the Yiddish Forverts, Tenenbom said that Germans have two distinct qualities: first they drink an excessive amount of beer, and second, many of them harbored disturbingly negative views about Jews and Israel.

Tenenbom said that he never told his subjects about his Jewishness – calling himself a journalist from New York. “If I’d told them I was Jewish, do you think they would tell me what they were really thinking,” he asked.

Tenebom said he was shocked to learn, not from ordinary Germans but many liberal intellectuals that they still believe Jews control economy, the mainstream media and swing a great political power in the US and among many European nations.

“They like the Jews who were killed during WW II, but hate the Jews of today,” claimed Tenenbom.

Tenenbom also showed his contempt for thr Jewish community in Germany. He met chief rabbi of Munich and attended services at the multi-million dollars Synagogue, which Tenenbom says “apparently paid by the German government”.

Tenenbom recounts his talk with a female German Yiddish violanist. He asked her if she had been to Israel, she replied angrily: “I don’t have to go to Israel! My music has nothing to do with it“.

Last year, Germany’s most famous author and Nobel literature laureate (1999), Polish-born Guenter Wilhelm Grass (born 1927), in a poem, “What must be said“, had claimed that a “nuclear Israel and not Iran – presents threat to the world peace“. Gross poem also called Chancellor Angela Markel’s pro-Israel government to cease supplying Israel nuclear- submarines (Israel has already receives two of the three promised by Germany) and warned against an Israeli attack on Iran.

BTW: Tenebom’s interview quotes are from Rukhl Schaechter’s article published in Jewish daily Forward on January 14, 2013.

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