Hello everybody :) BlueAce here..


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Hella :)
So I was just googling hypnotism, found this place, and felt like registering.

So, I know somethings about hypnotism and NLP (I downloaded and viewed the conferences of Dr. Richard Bandler) ... however I have never tried any of that stuff IRL.

I practise lucid dreaming and am really good at it (have been doing it for around 3 years :lemo: and I have all kinds of experiences to share)

And I am into coding, so incase you need something coded, hit me up..

So, wish me good luck .. and please point me to some of the best TUTs about hypnotism.

Thanks for looking :)

PS: that PM from the admin is cool. nice way of welcoming newly registered members. really liked it. It misses a link to the forum rules btw.


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Hi welcome Blue Ace, yes I like this website too, everyone is very nice and helpful I've found so far, It's very nice when the Admin, and Moderators have time to write something to members, on what they post. Very refreshing. So good luck, and be seeing ya around the boards, by the way what exactly is coding. I've heard of it, by I have very basic computer skills.
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Hey there BlueAce. 2loserel3 has got it right, the people around here are pretty friendly, admins and mods included. That's not something you see on other boards, that's for sure.

Hope to see you around in the forums! :)

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This entire sites tutorial on how to unhypnotize yourself, as for tutorials on hypnotism if I see any I will post them under the tutorial section for you.