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All you need is balls
All you need is balls
All you need is balls, balls
Balls are all you need.

(Legal disclaimer: If you are female, please note that the usage of the term "balls™" means courage, not the hanging testicular appendages)

'No Fly-Zone' means 'BOMB THE SHIT OUT OF THEM'.

War is peace, love is hate, slavery is freedom. Go back to your slumber.

Sometimes it is only when you are aware that you are going to die that you can truly live.
What is death anyway but a return to the place from before our birth?

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For an intellectual feast, a veritable blow-job of the mind, watch
Athene's Theory of Everything here:

For an insight into how the machine wants to dominate the human spirit, see this CNN clip. Don't know about you, but I don't get a pleasant feeling from Ray Kurtzweil. Something about him makes me think he might truly be a holographic reptile-agent of Zion. Or at least a machine-man who doesn't care about the future implications of a chip-enhanced public:

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Coming soon:

The Love Police Academy Cardiff (Wales - hosted by the Zeitgeist Movement - are they machine-cult or benign social movement? - you decide - I reckon benign social movement)

With Love
Charlie Veitch
Vice Detective
Special Operations Unit
The Love Police

And all my best wishes to Charlie! You HAVE the courage!
Love and light,