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Yes David Icke has arthritis, that make his hands contort in odd positions.

Maggador if you could go back and change anything, would you still have become a Freemason or Rosicrucian or Martinist?


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Well yes, certainly I would, if I didn't I don't see why I would still be it today :)

It has given me some great insights and experiences, and understanding, as well as several important people and new friends in my life. For me, it is the path that is right for me, I always follow my intuition, and it always guides me the right way towards rewarding and positive new experiences, connections, people, places etc - always something new to learn, new to see, new to get to know.

For me it is also an important tradition to keep alive, to pass the knowledge and teachings on to the next generations, i'm highly committed to the Great Work, and I'm looking forwards to the day my own kids are old enough to take part - but of course it will be their own choice whether they want to go that path or not, we are not all the same and what works out great for some may not work out the same way for others. But that is also one reason for what we are doing, to make things work out for the others through working from the shadows.


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Is it true that Freemasons and other secret societies write books with secret codes. I have heard that they write books were you read every third, second or fourth page something like that as well as the second paragraph on every page or something like that. This way if a normal person reads the book they will not get the same meaning out of the book as if somebody who has the code to reads the book.

Is this true?


He hasn't been on since April 13, it is now April 29. He may not be coming back to answer your question truth vibrations. But I've also heard that the Freemasons have secret books with secret codes on how to read them, I would like to know if this is true as well?


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Yes, there are codes.. That is pretty much how it was discovered in public that the real "William Shakespear" is in fact Francis Bacon, grandmaster of secret Rosicrucian order and involved with masonry and related work. There are much more, but I can't really detail the secrets that are practiced.


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It is quite evident that William Shakspere could not, unaided, have produced the immortal writings bearing his name. He did not possess the necessary literary culture, for the town of Stratford where he was reared contained no school capable of imparting the higher forms of learning reflected in the writings ascribed to him. His parents were illiterate, and in his early life he evinced a total disregard for study. There are in existence but six known examples of Shakspere's handwriting. All are signatures, and three of them are in his will. The scrawling, uncertain method of their execution stamps Shakspere as unfamiliar with the use of a pen, and it is obvious either that he copied a signature prepared for him or that his hand was guided while he wrote. No autograph manuscripts of the "Shakespearian" plays or sonnets have been discovered, nor is there even a tradition concerning them other than the fantastic and impossible statement appearing in the foreword of the Great Folio.

A well-stocked library would be an essential part of the equipment of an author whose literary productions demonstrate him to be familiar with the literature of all ages, yet there is no record that Shakspere ever possessed a library, nor does he make any mention of books in his will. Commenting on the known illiteracy of Shakspere's daughter Judith, who at twenty-seven could only make her mark, Ignatius Donnelly declares it to be unbelievable that William Shakspere if he wrote the plays bearing his name would have permitted his own daughter to reach womanhood and marry without being able to read one line of the writings that made her father wealthy and locally famous.

The query also has been raised, "Where did William Shakspere secure his knowledge of modern French, Italian, Spanish, and Danish, to say nothing of classical Latin and Greek?" For, in spite of the rare discrimination with which Latin is used by the author of the Shakespearian plays, Ben Jonson, who knew Shakspere intimately, declared that the Stratford actor understood "small Latin and less Greek"! Is it not also more than strange that no record exists of William Shakspere's having ever played a leading rôle in the famous dramas he is supposed to have written or in others produced by the company of which he was a member? True, he may have owned a small interest in the Globe Theatre or Blackfriars, but apparently the height of his thespian achievements was the Ghost in Hamlet!

In spite of his admitted avarice, Shakspere seemingly made no effort during his lifetime to control or secure remuneration from the plays bearing his name, many of which were first published anonymously. As far as can be ascertained, none of his heirs were involved in any manner whatsoever in the printing of the First Folio after his death, nor did they benefit financially therefrom. Had he been their author, Shakspere's manuscripts and unpublished plays would certainly have constituted his most valued possessions, yet his will--while making special disposition of his second-best bed and his "broad silver gilt bowl" neither mentions nor intimates that he possessed any literary productions whatsoever.

While the Folios and Quartos usually are signed "William Shakespeare," all the known autographs of the Stratford actor read "William Shakspere." Does this change in spelling contain any significance heretofore generally overlooked? Furthermore, if the publishers of the First Shakespearian Folio revered their fellow actor as much as their claims in that volume would indicate, why did they, as if in ironical allusion to a hoax which they were perpetrating, place an evident caricature of him on the title page?

Certain absurdities also in Shakspere's private life are irreconcilable. While supposedly at the zenith of his literary career, he was actually engaged in buying malt, presumably for a brewing business! Also picture the immortal Shakspere--the reputed author of The Merchant of Venice--as a moneylender! Yet among those against whom Shakspere brought action to collect petty sums was a fellow townsman--one Philip Rogers--whom he sued for an unpaid loan of two shillings, or about forty-eight cents! In short, there is nothing known in the life of Shakspere that would justify the literary excellence imputed to him.

The philosophic ideals promulgated throughout the Shakespearian plays distinctly demonstrate their author to have been thoroughly familiar with certain doctrines and tenets peculiar to Rosicrucianism; in fact the profundity of the Shakespearian productions stamps their creator as one of the illuminati of the ages. Most of those seeking a solution for the Bacon-Shakspere controversy have been intellectualists. Notwithstanding their scholarly attainments, they have overlooked the important part played by transcendentalism in the philosophic achievements of the ages. The mysteries of superphysics are inexplicable to the materialist, whose training does not equip him to estimate the extent of their ramifications and complexities. Yet who but a Platonist, a Qabbalist, or a Pythagorean could have written The Tempest, Macbeth, Hamlet, or The Tragedy of Cymbeline? Who but one deeply versed in Paracelsian lore could have conceived, A Midsummer Night's Dream?
Please read full text here: Secret Teachings of All Ages: Bacon, Shakspere, and the Rosicrucians


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As a side note, the above have been fairly widely known within several secret orders and between their members for quite some time. It has also been somewhat out in public for a while now, but the last few years more spotlight have been put upon this fact - among other a couple different documentaries have been produced (including a new one from this year) as well as several books have been written on the topic.


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I have decided to put my book out for free here and in one other forum I frequent. This is a special gesture for these 2 forums and the people there, and I hope someone will enjoy and find the book useful & interesting.

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This is the Trap System - a spiritual-technological construct keeping humans trapped on Earth through among other things reincarnation and karma, making them forget themselves from life-time to life-time to stop them from progressing and finding the truth.

He also explains what he has discovered about subjects such as the chakra system and the Third Eye (Pineal Gland), mind control, external influences, the truth about Aliens, what Ghosts & the After-life are, our multidimensional existence - and finally finish it all off with a chapter filled with exercises and meditations to free oneself, expand consciousness, and move beyond and out of the Trap System and know ones True Self, the Higher Soul.

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I am the author of this book and allow you to distribute it freely to others it may be of interest to, so share it on your facebooks, myspaces, emails, torrent sites, etc.

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Part: 1 – Overview and information

Author's background information Page 6

The Trap System -
A general overview of the Trap System: Page 10
Why you are imprisoned in a physical body,
reptilians, the Higher Soul & Creation
of our Existence
The Pineal Gland & Third Eye: Page 25
Secrets previously unspoken of
Illusions and deceit of life: Page 27
Death, existence, & what keeps you here
Reincarnation: Page 30
The truth behind past-lives Memory Loss

Our Multidimensional Existence Page 33
An overview over the Higher Soul

External Influences & unseen forces Page 38
Unseen energies and forces
A brief overview of external influences

Ghosts and the After Life Page 47

The Truth about Alien Contact and Channeling Page 49

Part: 2 – Practical work, exercises and meditations

Life, a preparation for Death Page 52

Basic Meditation & Energy Work Page 53

The Marriage of Heaven & Earth Meditation Page 60

The Morning Glory Ritual Page 65

The Flower of Life Meditation Page 66

Healing & Kundalini stimulating meditation Page 68

4 powerful connected meditation rituals- Page 71
Relaxation meditation Page 72
Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram Page 74
The Middle Pillar Ritual Page 79
The Circulation of the Body of Light Page 81

Cleansing of an house, area, object or person
and turning it into a channel for good energies Page 87

Creating an Astral Sanctum to unveil all Mysteries Page 91

Meet your Inner Guide – And manifest the perfect Page 95

Astral Projection: The Most Important in Life Page 105

Afterwords Page 113


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Hello. I just wanted to start by saying 'thank-you' to maggador for sharing what you have so far, I sincerely hope you the best in all endeavours.
I also hope you are still reading these forums, but I realize that may be a long-shot.
I have one question. Being a new member of the Roise Croix myself, I have of-course done some studying on the different origins of the various groups calling themselves 'Rosicrucian' these days. One thing that has piqued my queriosity [sic] has been on the matter of the purported allegations that the Fama Fraternitatis and 'Thy Chemical Wedding" were nothing more than another satire penned by that Johann Valentin Andreas, whom had written many a satire prior?

I would appreciate any insight on this matter, if you would be so willing. It would be of a great service for me should you be so kind as to provide perhaps as much intimate detail as you can regarding such a matter.

May Peace be with you Brother.


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Hi Maggador,

Thank you for your post, it is very interesting.

I wonder do you know Desteni (Sunette Spies)? I haven't finished reading your book, but I have found some of your info is very similar to hers, if you have watched many of her old channelling videos.


Linda Brown

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This is a request for any one out here who considers himself a Freemason to address the statements that have been made recently by Ianchris. I find his rampage against Freemasons disturbingly a one way street. Can someone else offer another viewpoint?



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Good morning brother Maggador. I have a question: What is your motivator for sharing this information?

While you are being so open to discussion, perhaps you can help explain something for me. There is a building that I have a physical connection to that is used by a government for various purposes. Once a month, the building is physically located in Urulu, Kenya... inside of an orphanage that is owned by a United States Church based in the state of Tennessee. The building is patrolled 24 hrs a day by armed soldiers, there is a military control post on the roof. What technology do they harness? I trust you don't need me to go into further detail. Do you have any thoughts as to why I am not affected by that technology? At least one member here already thinks I'm delusional... am I?

Linda Brown

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And what precisely does this have to do with Freemasonry or anything at all in fact to do with the topic of this thread?


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And what precisely does this have to do with Freemasonry or anything at all in fact to do with the topic of this thread?

Why are you so defensive Ms. Brown? You keep forgetting your self-proclaimed position as pawn on this great chess board of life... if I expected you would understand the question, and its connection, I would have asked you instead.

I suggest you reread Brother Maggador's initial post, because you'll find the answer to the question you asked me, in one of his paragraphs.


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I asked you... not him. I repeat.... what precisely does your post have to do with the topic of this thread.

Linda ... I keep doing your homework for you ... Here's your answer.

Some of the techniques I used were also, and still are, employed by the governments and secret societies and orders, and various people and individuals I know. I myself have taken part of such practices within these organizations and I have been doing various assignments and missions both for them and others, relating not only to astral projection but also other type of work and involvement from various psychic work to involvement with secret technology such as mind control, teleportation portals and time travel, UFO and alien related events and much more.

As some point I got too involved and got into trouble since I got contacts sharing a bit too much information with me, that I in turn started to share with others. I also started to share my own experiences and discoveries with others, which eventually led to a total attack on my persona by governments and other institutions which went as far that I had to leave my home country because of sharing truth and secret agendas with the public. For the last close to 6 years now I have been living in exile in South America, and I have been tried shut down in numerous ways throughout the years – but I am still standing, and still telling my story.

Linda Brown

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Ianchris.... what do you have to do with all of that. There are many of us on this Forum who know alot about what he has mentioned here. Its all old news to us. What do YOU have to do with remote viewing or secret projects? Linda
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Linda Brown

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"For the last close to 6 years now I have been living in exile in South America, and I have been tried shut down in numerous ways throughout the years – but I am still standing, and still telling my story.

My response to this is..... he just didn't cross the folks that REALLY wanted him shut down. If he did he wouldn't be talking about living anywhere. Linda