In The Midst Of Economic Armageddon, Americans Pay 600% Over The Odds For A Crappy To


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Latest corporate fad eclipses common sense


Paul Joseph Watson
Friday, November 27, 2009

Just when you think the human race is beginning to show signs of intellectual evolution, something happens that makes you realize how fundamentally dumb and easily fooled a vast segment of the population still are and always will be.​

With even the cooked job numbers showing unemployment at over 10% and with the country still in the midst of the greatest economic strife since the great depression, with record numbers of Americans, over 36 million of them, on food stamps, people are still prepared to pay more than 600% over the odds for this year’s “must have” toy – a robot hamster that awkwardly scuttles around and makes noises.​

The hamsters, “Don’t always work the way you expect and have a limited range of action,” according to the AP, but that hasn’t stopped maniacal parents from emptying toy store shelves in a desperate search for Zhu Zhu Pets, which would normally retail for about $10.​

However, toy companies have failed to re-stock to meet demand, creating artificial scarcity, leading parents to pay six times the amount on auction sites like e-bay.​

The toys are retailing on for around $60, with accessories that amount to little more than plastic balls selling for $65.​

“Honestly, I don’t really get it,” said BMO Capital Markets analyst Gerrick Johnson. “But I don’t need to get it for a toy to be hot.”​

Precisely – logic has little to do with it – this is all about transnational corporations hypnotizing the gullible consumer with aggressive marketing campaigns, guilt-tripping parents into thinking Christmas will be ruined unless they join the bandwagon, and contrived artificial scarcity in order to create a stampede for what is essentially a worthless piece of crap.​

For parents to be shelling out hundreds of dollars for a set of crude robotic hamsters made in China with plastic accessories while the real economy is in meltdown illustrates how disconnected from reality a huge proportion of the brainwashed sheeple really are.​

If people were spending their money on items that were at least of some use or value then fair enough, but for parents to be throwing hundreds of bucks at crappy toy hamsters just because Nickelodeon told their kids they were this year’s “must have” is a pathetic indictment of how corporate-driven fads can easily overpower common sense, even in the aftermath of the greatest financial meltdown for 80 years.​

Hundreds of dollars for this crap? They had better toys than this when I was a kid in the 80’s!​

Rant over.​