[Channeled] Taking The Fear Away: December 21st 2012 – It’s Not The End Of The World – Lady of Light, July 3 2012

Lady of Light

Lady of Light
July 3[SUP]rd[/SUP], 2012

With the 2012 ‘end-date’ looming, it is important to talk about what’s going on. For the last couple of days, I have been bombarded with messages that I am being told to share NOW. Today (July 3[SUP]rd[/SUP], 2012) is the strongest push to get the ‘right’ message out and to help sort things out. These are urgent messages, as more and more people are getting lost when it comes to the 2012 “end of the world”. There are so many messages that have gone out on tangents that are getting out of hand. And so with that, my sources are urging this message to go out ASAP.

We are currently experiencing many changes taking place within the energy fields here on earth. Those who are still “asleep” may not be noticing anything out of the ordinary, but for those who are more “awake” and especially for those who are “sensitive”, the changes are apparent. For those who call themselves “awake”, the changes are being viewed in such things as truth movements and the standpoint of the elite and whisleblowers, etc. For those who are “sensitive”, the changes are being felt, abilities are changing and coming to light.

There are those who are beginning to panic over the “coming events” at the “end of the world”. There is no reason to do this. The end of a calendar is never the end of the world. If that was the case, why does the world never end at the end of a calendar year? It is ridiculous to believe that life is ending. Life as we know it may be coming to a halt, but not life itself. Life does not end, ever. It is merely our perceptions and beliefs that take us to an end, but life goes on infinitely.

There have been many questions arising from many people about the supposed date (December 21[SUP]st[/SUP] 2012) when the world is supposed to end and Armageddon will come. There are fear-mongerers out there that will push this idea throughout the people; I think they get some sort of sick pleasure out of it. You also have those that push that it is the start of a ‘Utopia’, and the world will be taken to a place where the evil will no longer exist and only good will remain. You also have the theory of the world splitting, in a way, and the evil stays with the planet and the good will ascend.

The fact is, it’s all hogwash. There is really no basis in the “spiritual” world for any of those events to be taking place. In a way, the world will change, and it is already in the process. There are major transformations going on already, and most people have no clue that it is even occurring; which is fine, because the cockyness and arrogance would have some of those people melding things in the negative way thinking that they are becoming more powerful beings and that is never a good thing. It is for those who can harness these energies for the good of all, to be using such things and being aware of all around themselves. These are the people who will benefit the world in the days, weeks, months and years to come.

The earth does not die on December 21[SUP]st[/SUP] 2012, neither does the majority of the lives on this planet. We will still be here. It is the things that we do in the coming times that will change things for a very long time. The energy streams that are bombarding us right now are the new-found (age-old) powers and abilities that people (especially the “light-workers” and the “wanderers” stuck in human bodies) need to take full advantage of and get their jobs done with helping transform the world to one that can allow the freedom to learn and grow, and to rid this place of suppression.

If you haven’t already done so, now is the time to stop relying on what other people hold as truth, and to start knowing the truth for yourself. To believe what you hear about anything, without taking that information and “meditating on it”, you are keeping yourself in a mode of looking for answers from the outside instead of from the inside where the truth is held. You must only listen to your “inner voice” for your truths. The outside information should only be used for gathering pieces to the puzzle to which your inside (instinct, guiding factors, mind) can decipher. It is YOUR reality that you decode with every piece of the puzzle that is given to you. The more pieces you have, the clearer and more detailed your picture of your reality will be.

Part of the problem with all of this stuff is that people always want you to focus on only one aspect of anything. The “truthers” want you to focus on all of the conspiracies, and the “spiritualists” want you to forget about all that and focus on reaching enlightenment, and the “sleepers” don’t want anyone to focus on any of that at all and just go about their lives.

The truth of the matter is, in order to grow, in order to learn and become more and reach the state of ONE as so many seek, the focus must be on ALL of it. To dismiss any one part of anything, is to dismiss the ultimate goal. You cannot be truly at peace until you embrace everything and accept it. Which leads us back to the whole “end of the world” theory and December 21[SUP]st[/SUP] 2012.

It all goes hand in hand and nothing should be ignored. But there is also no need to fear any of it. To have fear, pushes any room for calmness and serenity away. And ultimately, once we’ve learned all there is to learn, that is where we end up. For some, this journey takes many millenia, and many lifetimes. It is not something that is achieved within 1 lifetime. It would appear that for some people, a lifetime is what it took, but in reality, this is a journey that began long ago. That is, when you look at it from a time perspective.

Things ARE changing, some for the worse, some for the better. How your world changes is up to you. What kind of world do you choose to live in? Do you want a peaceful world where everyone is equal and has what they need at any given time without the need to slave away for it? Or, do you want a world where everything you do is a struggle and every move you make has to be verified before you can act? I choose a world of peace, where we all have everything and there is no struggling or control over anyone. The only way to get there is to make it happen. By acting for the greater good and to gain an understanding of why it’s not that way now, is the best way to change things to be that way. If we do nothing, and let suffering take hold, then we will end up in a world of suffering. Take control of your world; do not let others control it for you.

There are too many “theories” out there about what is to happen on December 21[SUP]st[/SUP] of this year, and I can tell you right now, that none of them have the complete truth to them. There is no evidence to confirm what is to happen. No one on this planet knows one way or another. In the time that is to come, there will be suffering, and there will be great joys. There is much to come in the coming days. You need to choose where you stand. Your god is not coming to judge you on that date. There should never be fear associated with any type of event. Really, what is there to fear? Death? Ultimately, that’s the biggest fear for most people, the fear of death. Death is a renewal into another existence. That is all. There is no need to fear what may or may not happen. Go with the flow of this experience, and enjoy what you can out of it.

Life goes on past 2012, that doesn’t mean that the fear should. If you change your beliefs, you can change the world.


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Awesome, true, right and good!

Truth is known only when examined for one's self, within one's own mind. Many truths I have come to realize are counter-intuitive for most people. Many truths will NEVER be embraced by the masses. Even truths that are accessible to many and muddled in confusion. True, we are in a realm of delusion here but, we can and shall break free! Think for yourselves, everyone. And yes- that includes ABOUT EVERYTHING! Lady of Light's post here, my words, your own eyes, EVERYTHING! A mind open to new possibilities is essential for growth. That mind must be free of delusion though. To that aim, I urge everyone to strengthen their own conscious awareness by starting a meditation practice however they feel comfortable. It may be the most beneficial thing you ever do.


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Absolutely true. I certainly cannot imagine a better route to self-discovery/rediscovery than meditation. It's very difficult to silence all the noise we've been mired in for the whole of our lifetime, and once that's mastered we still have the task of learning/relearning to listen and believe the Self. It's hard! Particularly since so many of us have been told that our very own observations are unreliable or even just downright wrong. It's difficult to get back that self-trust. But it's worth it! Do it!

Understanding comes when you let go of all expectations and illusions. Let them go. They are vehicles that lead only to dissatisfaction and disappointment. To experience your own bliss requires letting go of all attachments.

As you go along, you will find this to be a very tall order indeed, but again it's one that must be undertaken to attain the purity and freedom for this growth to optimally occur. It's not something to be taken lightly or to be done later. The time is now.


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There is definitive proof of Nibiru coming in Dec 21 I will post that as soon as I I'm allowed to post links. As a link to my blog with proof and calculations of Nibiru.

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There is definitive proof of Nibiru coming in Dec 21 I will post that as soon as I I'm allowed to post links. As a link to my blog with proof and calculations of Nibiru.

You can always put the link up as text only, when you reply to a post, click advanced, then look for "additional options"further down the page, and remove the checkmark from "Automatically parse links in text"

This will allow you to post the link without it being live, it will be text only.

I'd really like to view the proof you have!


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Here is what I think is proof of Nibiru

Calculations for Nibiru

There’s been a lot of information and disinformation about the the celestial body know as Nibiru, the destroyer, wormwood, planetX, or a number of other names that it goes by. Of course ancient carvings on rock walls and the like only goes to add more evidence that this celestial body did visit us in the past. I’m not going to talk about it’s history you can Google that if you want. I’m going to present what I think is proof positive that Nibiru is out there and is right on schedule to swing around the sun around the 21st of December 2012. I first want to present a picture that was taken in 2007 by someone using the South Pole telescope, who posted it on Youtube which was soon taken down.

View attachment 886

This is the picture that allegedly was taken. Nibiru with the coordinates : 5h 53m 27s-6 10′ 58. Now a very interesting thing happens if you plug these coordinates into Google sky. You will find when you hit search that you will come to a dark area. When you get there and slowly zoom out you will see that the area has been blocked out in the shape of a rectangle. This is the only place in Google sky where it was done. This begs the question why would they black out this picture? As with most cases there is always a work around and someone later found Nibiru on the world wide telescope using these coordinates: 06 08 55 22 27′ 24. The picture was exactly the same, a red object with the moons in the same place. After finding it on the world wide telescope people then used the same coordinate to find it on Google sky and although it had moved a bit they found it there at these coordinates: 06 08 55 22 47 14. You can check out these coordinates for yourself if you have Google Earth or The World Wide Telescope. Free downloads. From where it was first found in the above picture in Orion’s belt it has moved all the way over to Gemini.

After finding Nibiru I did some calculations to try and determine it’s distance and size and here is how I went about it.

View attachment 887

Fig.1 above is the geometric schematic showing the necessary parameters to solve for d (distance ). The simple equation is :

d=R/tan Ø

In order to solve d, R ( the diameter of the object) must be known. There are ways to figure this out using triangulation where you get a measurement from one point on the earth and another from as far a distance from the first as possible. Then by using trigonometry you can calculate the size of object by knowing it’s distance. What I did in order to calculate the size of Nibiru was to take a measurement using the ruler on Google sky and measure the distance in km of Nibiru at a certain Ra and Dec and then at approximately the same Ra and Dec measure nearby Venus. Since the size of Venus is already known I simply took an approximation of the size of Nibiru. The size of Venus at about 8h and 25m was .25 km. While Nibiru was 1.01km, thus making Nibiru four times as large as Venus which is about the same size of the earth, making Nibiru about four times the size of earth or the size of Neptune. This diameter measures approx. 48,416 km or 4x the diameter of Venus which is 12,104 km. In order to solve for Ø I used the finder in world wide telescope to get the distance in arcsecs by traversing the diameter of the object then taking the difference in the readings. I converted this to degrees.

Now that I have R to work with I can proceed to solve for d(distance).

d=48,416 km/tanØ

Ø=.02 degrees


d=138,701,564.0 km=.927 au
As far as calculating the speed of Nibiru I’ll save that for later if it’s possible. I heard that it was traveling at 35,000 mph if true that would be about right for a Dec 21 encounter.

138,701,564 km = 86185156.2 miles/35,000 mph= 102.6 days

That means it would be here by Nov. 15 2012 again not sure of the speed but that is close enough.

I haven’t been able to actually come up with an accurate idea of where Nibiru is in relation to the solar system and other planet only that is indeed close. If anyone cares to add to this post I’d appreciate some more information concerning the where about of Nibiru.
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Lady of Light

Well, as stated above, the world did not end. However, there are claims of those having ascended, I'm sure some of those are either someone joking about someone ELSE, or they are covers for those who preached the end of the world ascension spiel. December 21st 2012 has come and gone. We have ended the Galactic Cycle or Galactic Calendar also known widely as The Mayan Calendar and we have begun the next one. Much like our calendars end each year as we complete another trip around the sun, we have completed another trip around our galaxy.

We ARE in the midst of major changes. These are NOT the types of changes that happen overnight or even rapidly. They are the changes that happen when we change what and how we believe. We are WELL on our way to making this world better, and it is by our thoughts and beliefs alone.

We much change our priorities and see and do for ourselves what is important. Believe it, and you can and will have it.

There are things that have been pushed in the media as being majorly devastating and tragic events, however, our focus should not be on what has happened or potentially IS happening ESPECIALLY where the media is involved. Our focus should be on who we are, individually and as small and large groups, and of course as a whole (planet-wide).

It is said that one person alone can't change the world. This is the statement of someone with a defeatist's attitude and prevents most people from trying. If every singe individual believed THEY had the power to change the world, then the world can truly change. We all work together as ONE, and we can only do that if we ALL take part. BELIEVE that YOU ALONE, CAN change the world, and YOU WILL!!

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One persons thoughts can indeed change the world. In fact... through history... if you look hard.... you will see that is the only thing that HAS changed history.....

We are all part of this new move and new life together.

Do what you can and be the power that you already ARE. And then look about you .... You will find other lights burning as brightly as you are!