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On October 26, 2011, Israel-Firster Hillary Clinton gave interview to Bahman Kalbasi (Iranian gay Jew from Canada) of BBC Farsi-channel. During the interview Hillary repeated the usual Zionist lies about the Islamic Republic – From Green movement to Tehran’s civilian nuclear program.

During the interview, Hillary suggested that Iranian Opposition members should openly seek outside support as Libyan rebels did.

Amir Ardeshir Arjomand, an adviser to the defeated Green movement leader Mir-Hossein Mosavi, blasted Hillary Clinton’s suggestion of a foreign interference in Iran’s internal affairs. He told her that Iranian people are capable of achieving the desired changes without outside help. Arjomand claimed that he was expressing the position of the leaders of the Green Movement, Musavi and Mehdi Karrubi.

Arjomand, who is based in France, made it clear that the US should stay away from the Iranian opposition movement. The Green movement leaders and members are aware of the fact that an open help from the US or any other foreign country will discredit the Reformers and increase the popularity of the Conservatives.

On Tehran nuclear program, Hillary said: “We see disturbing trends and actions having to do with the continuing covert effort to build a nuclear weapons program, not a program for peaceful, civil, nuclear power, which Iran is entitled to, but a nuclear weapons program with a lot of deception, a lot of lying to the International Atomic Energy Agency and the rest of the international community”.

Interestingly, last week, Israel-Firster Fareed Zakaria, on his CNN show admitted that during his recent visit to Iran he found out that even a regime-change in Tehran will not effect country’s nuclear program. as both pro-regime and anti-regime population considers nuclear program as “national pride”.

“We see aggressive behavior towards neighbors in the region,” asserted Hillary Clinton. YEP, It was of course Tehran which asked NATO to kill thousands of civilians in Libya. And let us not forget, it Iranian army which invaded Lebanon in 2006 and killed 1400 Lebanese mostly women and children – and Iranian airforce killed 1200 Gaza residents in 2008-2009 because Palestinian took an Iranian Jew Gilad Shalit as hostage ….. and the list of Iran’s aggressions goes on…..

And finally – Iranian MP Avaz Heidarpour has said that Majlis is likely to require the government to file a law suit against the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, for her recent meddling remarks in Iran’s internal affairs. I wonder which international court Tehran is going to complain – as all of them are as much occupied by Zionist Lobby as is United States.

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