Is criticism of Goldman and Sachs ‘anti-Semitism’?


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The head of Goldman Sachs said he’s doing “God’s work” with his banking activities.

Early this year, British Jewish groups slammed former London Mayor Ken Livingstone for telling a group of pro-Labour Jewish Londoners that “Jews will not vote for me because they’re rich“.

Criticism of the Wall Street, Goldman, or of other bankers generally, is often accused of being anti-Semitic. Commentators including Rush Limbaugh and Maureen Dowd have been so accused by ADL and other Jewish group. It’s ‘political wrong statement’ to say that the Wall Street is controlled by the Jews.

“By Foxman’s standard, even to mention that many bankers are Jewish is anti-Semitic (even though it’s true), and attributing this view to others (while professing to be worried about it) is no excuse This may be over-the top. We live in a culture of umbrage, in which everybody seems to be taking offense at something somebody else says. Foxman is one of the nation’s foremost umbragists,” wrote Mickael Kinsley in the Atlantic Wire, January 29, 2010.

Goldman and Sachs, who founded the firm in the nineteenth century, were Jewish, as have been most of its partners since then, almost all of its leaders, and its current CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

Earlier, both Robert Rubin and Stephen Friedman shared the chairmanships of Goldman followed by stints as directors of the National Economic Council – with Rubin under Clinton and Friedman under Bush. In January 2008, Friedman became chairman of the New York Fed, the branch with a close relationship with Wall Street, deciding to whom tax-payers’ money goes. While Friedman chaired the New York Fed 2008-2009, he was at the same time on the board of directors at Goldman Sachs. When finally exposed as a “dual citizen” after being caught buying 50,000 shares of Goldman stock via inside information, Friedman quit the Fed under accusation of “conflict of interests.” But in 2009, immune to any legal ramifications, (Zionist Jews enjoy special juridical status), while serving as chairman of the New York Fed, Friedman also chaired Obama’s Foreign Intelligence Advisory Board.

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