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Obama administration refuses to accept the 1.6% margin victory by Chavez’s handpicked successor, Nicolas Maduro, over USrael-backed crypto-Jewish candidate Henrique Capriles in April 14 presidential election. Washington, as usual, has called Maduro victory as “stolen election” even though former US president Jimmy Carter has confirmed the election to be most transparent among South American countries.

Washington’s efforts to de-legitimize the election mark a significant escalation of US efforts at “regime change” in Venezuela. Not since its involvement in the 2002 military coup has the US government done this much to promote open conflict in Venezuela. However, the US and other Zionist-controlled western leaders find themselves completely isolated in their evil agenda against the people of Venezuela. The governments of Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, Bolivia, Uruguay, Mexico, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Haiti and others had quickly congratulated Maduro on his victory. Even Spain, a US-Israel ally, later recognized Maduro’s victory. So did Jose Miguel Insulza, the secretay-general of OAS.

Iranian president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad accompanied by Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi and other high-ranking officials attended Maduro’s inauguration ceremony. “This great victory is another seal of approval on the successful leadership of justice-seeking, freedom-seeking and independence-seeking of Latin American leaders, including the late President Hugo Chavez, in Venezuela,” the Iranian president said in the message to his Venezuelan counterpart.

Latin America, especially Venezuela and Cuba – have been the target of a coordinated campaign by Washington, Jewish lobby groups and multinational corporations over past decades. Wikileaks recently published new documents showing that US global intelligence corporations like Stratfor Global Intelligence was founded and chaired by Israel-Firster Jewish millionaire George Friedman. Stratfor’s president and CEO is Shea Morenz, a former Jewish senior official at Goldman Sachs.

Other pro-Israel groups actively involved in propaganda in Latin American countries are; RAND Corp., CANVAS, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), National Endowment for Democracy and major corporations, from public US-Government agencies like the CIA, NSA, USAID and the State Department.

In fact, throughout Latin America, lucid political observers will always keep an eye on what ‘La Embajada’ is up to. ‘La Embajada’ is Spanish for ‘The Embassy’ – not just any embassy, of course, but the local Embassy of the United States.

The defeated candidate Capriles Radonsky is strongly backed by US, European and Israeli interests, thanks to his notable alignment to those countries’ objectives in Venezuela and the region. Of Jewish background – in a country with a very tiny Jewish community – Radonsky promises to steer Venezuela away from the close ties forged by Chavez with Iran, Cuba, Russia, China and (until it was overrun and destroyed by NATO) also Libya.

Washington, however, has succeeded in installing its puppet regimes in Colombia (President Juan Manuel Santos) and Mexico (President Enrique Peña Nieto).

The Federation of Cuban Workers (Central de Trabajadores de Cuba), the island’s only labor organization, had announced that May Day parade would be dedicated to the memory of Hugo Chavez, who passed away on March 5, 2013 after a long battle with cancer.

USrael is not done with Venezuela. Its determination for a regime change in Caracas will keep threatening Venezuelans for years to come. The closeness of the recent election only encourages Obama and the Jewish lobby to believe that Chavez’s party can be overthrown by subversion, including US-backed armed insurrection. That’s why the Latin American presidents took such extraordinary measures to show their solidarity with President Maduro – so that Washington would take note that Latin America is united in opposition to US intervention.

Chavez haunts Zionist leaders from his grave | Rehmat's World