Netanyahu: Criticism of Israel is ‘antisemitism’


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On May 28, Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu, was the keynote speaker at the 4th Global Forum for Combating Anti-Semitism, sponsored by Israel’s Foreign Affairs ministry, Jerusalem. During his long speech Netanyahu applied the usual “antisemitic” label on everyone, Jews, Christians and Muslims, who claim that Israel is not interested in peace with Palestinians.

In September 2010, pro-USrael Muhammad Dahlan, Fatah top leader called Netanyahu a “con-man”, saying he would destroy the peace process in an interviw published in Egyptian newspaper Al-Masry Al-Youm. Dahlan’s statement was confirmed by Israel’s deputy foreign minister Ze’ev Elkin on May 28, saying that Netanyahu government would never accept a Palestinian state nextdoor to Israel. He called the two-state solution, an “illusion”.

The other two “antisemitic slurs”, Netanyahu spoke about, were; Israel is accused of committing war crimes, and Israel is guilty of violating the human rights of Palestinians.

Sigal Samuel, wrote in Jewish The Beast on May 29, that as a degree holder in philosophy, it make me sick to hear Bibi’s speeches which are mostly full of logical fallacies. “But the fact that all the fallacy arguments found in his speech (at the Global Forum) are actually made in the name of “the battle for truth” not only makes me cringe – it makes me want to start drawing up truth tables“.

Shir Hever, an Israeli economic researcher, commenting on Netanyahu’s speech at The Real News Network, said: “Netanyahu’s so-called ”three accusations” are not vilifications at all. In fact, they are well-documented and well-proven accusations based on international organizations, as well as on many Israeli organizations that say the very same thing. I think most Israelis would actually agree that the Israeli government is not really interested in peace, and yet they continue to vote for it. The fact that the Israeli army committed war crimes has been well established by, for example, the Goldstone Commission, which was actually headed by a Jewish Zionist. The fact that Israel is guilty of violating human rights is even periodically repeated by the U.S. Department of State.”

To listen to Hever’s other comments – watch the video below.

And finally, an Op-Ed at the “Defender of Israel“, billionaire Rupert Murdoch’s The Australian – stop picking on poor little Israel, and instead bomb, bomb Iran. It makes sense since the pro-Israel anti-Bashar are on the run.

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