Is Obama the Antichrist? — What Holly Thinks

Barack Obama — he’s got dazzling charm, a liberal agenda, and a name that suspiciously rhymes with “Osama.” And he’s gearing up to take the reins of the most powerful country in the world.

So, some Christians are wondering: could he be the Antichrist?

No. Obama doesn’t fit the Bible’s descriptions of the evil end-time ruler. He isn’t from the European Union. The prophet Daniel revealed that the Antichrist will lead a 10-nation military alliance in a reunified Roman Empire (the geographical region of the European Union). See Daniel 7:7-8 and Revelation 17:12-13.

But, that doesn’t mean he won’t be an end-time player. If elected president, Obama’s foreign policy plans will work hand-in-hand with the Antichrist’s agendas — to bring peace to the Middle East and create a new global order.

In an article Obama wrote for the July/August 2007 issue of Foreign Affairs magazine, he revealed that his first priority as president — after ending the war in Iraq — will be to bring peace to the Middle East. In the article, titled Renewing American Leadership , Obama said:

“For more than three decades, Israelis, Palestinians, Arab leaders, and the rest of the world have looked to America to lead the effort to build the road to a lasting peace. In recent years, they have all too often looked in vain. … Sustained American leadership for peace and security will require patient effort and the personal commitment of the president of the United States. That is a commitment I will make.”

And Obama said the creation of international law — enforced by the United Nations — is the key to fighting global threats like terrorism and climate change. In response to a questionnaire sent to him by the United Nations Association of the USA, Obama said:

“It [achieving the United States’ goals] means recognizing international law as an asset that serves great and small alike. We cannot renew America’s global leadership so long as our leaders act as though the United Nations is irrelevant or mainly counterproductive and view active diplomacy as a sign of weakness.”

He has many plans to strengthen the United Nations, which he outlines in his replies to the questionnaire. One of his plans is to support the implementation of the U.N.‘s 2006 Global Counter-Terrorism Strategy. Among its far-reaching measures, the U.N. resolution calls for the prevention of “the defamation of religions, religious values, beliefs and cultures.” It lists the work of the Alliance of Civilizations as key in this regard. Read here why the Alliance of Civilizations may become the mechanism the Antichrist uses to wage war against Jews and Christians.

And given Obama’s religious views, it’s likely he will make America a member of the Alliance of Civilizations. Obama-supporter Charles Penny noted the affinity between Obama’s views and those of the AoC here, saying, “The Alliance of Civilizations fits hand-in-glove with Barack Obama’s goals to fundamentally change the approach of American foreign policy.”

No, Obama isn’t the Antichrist, But an Obama presidency will help pave a path for the Antichrist.


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