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On Tuesday, Zionist prime minister Netanyahu called on European Union (EU) to declare Lebanese Islamic Resistance and partner in Lebanon’s Unity government a “terrorist organization”. Why? Because some pro-Israel Jewish Bulgarian official jumped in front of gun and announced that Hizballah was behind the last year Israeli bus bombing in resort city of Burgas. This was despite the fact that Sofia’s “official investigation” is still in progress. The bombing resulted in the death of seven people. Within minutes of the accident, Netanyahu had blamed Hizballah and Iran for the bombing. It’s obvious the Zionist conman was trying to cover his fingerprints in the bombing as he did in the aftermath of 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Under pressure for months by Washington and Tel Aviv to name Hezballah as the culprit for the attack that killed five Israelis and a Bulgarian bus driver, as well as the terrorist carrying the bomb, Sofia has made mockery of its political independence by namimg Hizballah to please Barack Obama and his Zionist master Netanyahu.

Our good-old ‘Israel-Firster’ Canadian foreign minister, John Baird, immediately, provided a “helping hand” to Netanyahu, by claiming that a Canadian dual national based in Lebanon has been linked to the bombing of a bus filled with innocent Israeli tourists in Bulgaria last year. Baird shied away from naming the person who has not lived in Canada for years – as more than 80% of 100,000 Canadians of Lebanese origin are Christians. However, Baird did ask the EU to immediately declare Hizballah as a “terrorist organization”. Incidently, Canada is one of three out of 193-members nations of United Nations, which have “honored” Hizballah with such award – the other two are the US and Israel.

Considering Israeli Mossad history of stealing or forging passports of Canadian, New Zealander, South African, British and Middle Eastern citizens – how difficult it would be to play similar trick to implicate Hizballah in Mossad false flag operation in Burgas?

In September 1997, two Mossad agents who injected Hamas leader Khaled Meshaal with deadly poison in Amman (Jordan), were arrested carrying fake Canadian passports. Canadian foreign minister, Lylod Axworthy, not an Israeli poodle like Baird – was so upset that he expelled Israeli ambassador David Burger. Berger did return to his post in Ottawa, only after Zionist regime promised not to conduct such dirty practice in future. However, one can never trust Israeli officials.

In July 2004, Helen Clark, prime minister of New Zealand blasted the Zionist regime for being involved in stealing passports of New Zealanders. “The breach of New Zealand laws and sovereignty by the agents of Israeli government has seriously strained our relations with Israel,” said she.

In 2010, Tamir Pardo, head of Mossad, apologized to British government for Israeli agents using 12 fake British passports to assassinate Hamas leader in Dubai. British Zionist Jew foreign minister, then, David Milliband told MPs that Israel had shown a “profound disregard” for British sovereignty, adding: “The fact that this was done by a country which is a friend, with significant diplomatic, cultural, business and personal ties to the UK, adds insult to injury“.

“The distinct possibility of an Israeli ‘false flag’ operation can be garnered by a careful and methodical examination of the public information, including the photographs, amateur videos and instant reports on the bus attack that occurred at exactly 5:30 pm last July 18, on the anniversary of the 1994 bombing in Argentina that Israel insists was the work of Iran and Hezbollah. That was perfect timing for Israel’s propaganda machine,” wrote Kaveh L. Afrasiabi PhD. in Asia Times on February 7, 2013.

The pro-Israel US Senators who are debating John Brennan’s nomination as Obama’s next CIA director, would be pleased to know that in October 2012 – speaking at the Institute of International and European Affairs (IIEA) in Dublin (Ireland), John O. Berennan (a Zionist Christian), criticized the European Union for denying Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak’s earlier request to declare Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizballah as “terrorist” organization.

On April 6, 2012 – Bulgarian parliament ratify a military cooperation agreement with the Zionist entity. The agreement will allow Bulgarian armed and security personnel to be trained in Israel and have joint military excercises in both countries.

Bulgaria’s 50,000-strong Jewish community has unique history under Nazi occupation. Professor Michael Bar Oar (Emory University) has claimed in his 1998 book ‘Beyond Hitler’s Grasp’ that no Bulgarian Jew was sent to Nazi concentration camps. In 1999, Abraham Foxman visited Sophia and donated 30,000 copies of the book for distribution in Bulgaria. Former Mayor of Sofia, Boyko Borisov, is the current prime minister of Bulgaria.

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