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Both the US and Israeli media have confirmed that Israeli airforce conducted its second unprovoked air raid on Damascus during last 24 hours. CNN, CBS, NBC, NYT, CBC and Israeli Hebrew daily Yedioth Ahronot – all reported the news with different angles. According to Syrian and Lebanese sources, Israeli jets fired missiles using Lebanese airspace (Israelis are very mindful of Russian-made Syrian air-defense shield) which hit four targets at Damascus airport. The targets hit were; a jet-fuel depot, Syrian Army ammunition warehouses, military airstrips and a civilian cargo airplane that had arrived from Iran.

Israeli version is that its jets fired missile on a Syrian weapon convoy carrying Iranian-made Fateh-100 advanced missiles for Lebanese Islamic Resistance Hizbullah which defeated Jewish army in Summer 2006. This Israeli propaganda lie was given top coverage by the Zionist-controlled mainstream media. How true is Israeli version of the story can be judged by early false rumor by Israeli intelligence that Syrian army had used chemical weapons against the USrael-sponsored anti-Assad rebels. The Zionist regime has been arming Syrian rebels via Croatia and Jordan.

In an interview with the Spanish-language network Telemundo in San Jose, Costa Rica on Saturday, Israeli poodle, Barack Obama, stated that the Zionist entity has the right to protect itself from what he called advanced weapons shipments to Lebanon.

Israeli airstrikes were most probably to provide aerial umbrella to protect the rebels who have failed to defeat Syrian army during the last 25 months. “This could be a comfortable solution to the US, Turkey and Arab countries (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Egypt) that are not ready to get involved directly without international support. Israel will create a new routine in which Syria will be a legitimate area for its airforce strikes as Lebanon is,” reported Yedioth Ahronot.

Tony Cartalucci, a Bangkok-based geopolitical researcher and writer, wrote on May 4: “In reality, the pressure placed on Syria’s borders by both Israel and its partners, prime minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s Turkey in the north, is a part of documented plan to relieve pressure on the western, Israeli, Saudi-Qatari armed and funded terrorists currently collapsing inside Syria“.

The Israeli goal for its latest false flag operation is to draw the US into Syrian conflict on behalf of Israel by inciting Syria or Hizbullah to retaliate. If it happens, Israeli stooges in US Congress and Senate will force Obama administration to declare war on Syria in defense of Israel as part of US-Israel defense pact. That would amount to US army doing Israel’s dirty work in Syria as the Lebanese Christian militia Phalangist did in the past before both Jewish army and Philangist were defeated by Hizbullah fighters in 2000.

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