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During the 8-day Israeli aerial attack over Gaza Strip last November, the Zionist regime had claimed that its anti-missile Iron Dome was able to intercept 90% of the so-called “deadly rockets” fired by Iran-supported Palestinian resistance groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The Israeli claim was rejected by Dr. Theodore Postol, a physicist and missile technology expert at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology after the ceasefire brokered by Egyptian president Dr. Morsi for which Israeli president Shimon Peres called Morsi “a brother”.

The rockets fired from Gaza are crude, slow and cost only a few hundered dollars as compared to $100,000 per antimissile battery the US had supplied to the Jewish army. “Israel has every reason to overexaggerate the efficiency of the Dome, just as we did with Patriots during Desert Storm (Iraq War),” says George Stejic, president of Tesla Laboratories Inc., which is investigating the effectiveness of the Iron Dome.

In order to keep Israeli lies about the Iron Dome alive – the Zionist regime will display a battery of the anti-rocket Dome system at the Ben Gurion International airport where Barack Obama is scheduled to land on March 20 for the first time as President of United States.

Israeli military planners started working on the Iron Dome after Jewish army suffered its first defeat at the hands of Hizballah in Summer 2006. Ehud Olmert’s government allocated $200 million to begin the project in 2007. Later, the Zionist regime approached president Dubya Bush to financed the project. The Pentagon sent a team of experts to meet Israeli scientists working on the project. However, they’re not convinced due to the high cost and its low effectiveness of the Israeli anti-missile interceptive system. They recommended that Israel adopt the US-made Phalanx system being used in Iraq.

So far, the project has cost American taxpayers more than $1 billion on top of their annual $3 billion military donation to the Zionist regime. A Congressional Research Service Report 2012 pointed out that Israel received 60% of the US foreign aid that year.

Last week, Reuven Pedatzur, an Israeli security analyst, once again called the Iron Dome as waste of US-Israeli taxpayers’ money. He has claimed that Dome’s successful interception rate could be lower than 5% against the rockets fired from Gaza or South Lebanon. He said that his claim is based on research done by three rocket scientists, Dr. Theodore Postol, Dr. Mordechai Shefer and a former scientist at the Raytheon Company, a major US weapon manufacturer.

However, the Jewish lobby groups led by AIPAC have a bigger fish to fry. They’re telling the Pentagon to buy the product from Israel which was paid for by the US taxpayers in the firsy place. “Now that the Iron Dome has proven itself, Washington will have the ability to use it in its own defense efforts against short-range rocket threats in the Persian Gulf and South Korea“. You got to give credit to the AIPAC for its ability to kill the American geese a hundred ways!

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