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While the world’s eyes are focussed on the daily bloody events in Syria – and Syrian army is pre-occupied fighting the western sponsored anti-government insurgency – it dawned on the Zionist regime recently how to make its occupation of Syrian territory of Golan Heights permanent.

On Thursday, the Zionist regime of Benjamin Netanyahu announced it has awarded oil-exploration licence to the Genie Energy Corporation, a US-based company. This action proves once again who is behind the regime change in Damascus and for whom the Saudi-Qatar funded Islamist rebels (Al-Qaeda) are working.

“The timing of the decision is directly related to the fact that the Syrian government is not free to deal with this problem and that the Syrian Army cannot pose a threat to Israel right now,” says Israeli political analyst Yaron Ezrahi.

The Israeli subsidiary of Genie Energy Corporation is headed by a criminal Jewish Golan Heights settler and former Israeli minister of housing and construction, Brig. Gen. Efraim Eitam, who lead Jewish army on Syrian front in June 1967 war. Israel-Firsters like Jewish billionaire Baron Jacob Rothschild, disgraced media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and former US vice-president Dick Cheney serve on board of advisers to Genie Energy Corporation. Genie is also the parent company of Israel Energy Initiatives Ltd. (IEI), which has its eyes set on exploiting gas reserves in Lebanese territorial waters. The Tamar site alone has estimated reserves of 274 bcm which makes it one of the largest discoveries of the past decades. Israel expect is to begin production at the site in the next few months.

Israeli Eden Springs water company, a subsidiary of US-based Mayanot Eden is already profiting from Israeli occupation of Golan Heights. It has a spring water bottle plant, which steals natural spring water from Katzbiyah spring in occupied Golan Heights. Roni Naftali, a Zionist Jew is the founder-president of Mayanot Eden. Roni Naftali family owns 65% of company shares. Mayanot Eden’s net profit in 2011 was $63 million. Eden is one of Europe’s largest suppliers of watercoolers to offices, distributing more than 368 million litres of water yearly to 450,000 customers in 16 countries. In 2011, its Switzerland business won the contract to supply Geneva-based World Health Oraganization (WHO).

The Jewish army captured Golan Heights from Syria during its war of aggressin against its Arab neighbors and annexed it in a move not recognized by the international community. The strategic plateau has been extensively settled by illegal Jewish settlers (over 4,000) and is the site of a major wind turbine project. The Golan’s status has been at the heart of past Israeli-Syrian peace talks, with Damascus demanding its full return. With a two-year-old Syrian revolt now threatening President Bashar al-Assad’s rule, Israel has dug in on the Golan.

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