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The Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions, in its latest report has endorsed a one-state-solution for the Zionist occupied Palestine (Israel, West Bank and Gaza). The report prepared by two Jew activists, Jeff Halper and Itay Epshtain, has proposed a united one democratic Palestine with equal rights for both foreign Jews and the native Muslim/Christian Palestinian and the return of all Palestinians living in refugee camps or other countries – to their ancestral land. Read the report here.

The Jewish bloggers, Roger Tucker and Gilad Atzmon – along with myself, have been proposing the same ‘one-state-solution’ for years. Read it here.

Personally, I believe in the ‘option’ of a democratic one-state Palestine, based on ‘one-vote- one person’ with equal rights for all its citizen, dismatling of racist Zionist political parties and Israel Occupation Force (IOF), right of return for the natives and suitable compensations for their loss of properties to the Jew settlers – and of course the dismantling of country’s nuclear arsenal. All those racist Jews, who don’t want to live in peace with the natives – they should be allowed to migrate back to their ancestral lands – Germany, Russia, Poland, France, the UK, the US, etc. – as many White settlers did in South Africa, Algeria and India. In fact, Professor Edward Said had predicted long time ago that the great majority of Israeli Jews would rather prefer to live under Muslim rule in Palestine than going back to their ancestral western homeland where they know anti-Semitism would be waiting for them.

Interestingly, to save the foreign Jews in Palestine, the Zionist Jewish media oulets like, Huufungton Post, Washington Post and NPR, have recently been publishing pro-one-state articles.

In March 2012 – even Havard University held a conference on a ‘one-state-solution’ for Israel-Palestinian conflict.

In September 2010, Israeli-born Gilad Atzmon wrote that “Israel will be Palestine”. Why? “Because, Israel is located on historic Palestine. It came to life through robbery and ethnic cleansing. It is maintained by theft. At least a fifth of Israel’s population are Palestinians. And if this is not enough, not a single living Palestinian negotiator is ever going to let the refugee issue go, and for a good reason. The right of return is still the crux of the Palestinian cause,” said Atzmon.

Jew activists endorse ‘One-state’ for Palestine | Rehmat calling