Jewish groups slam Norwegian cartoon


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The pro-Israel Anti-Defamation League (ADL), the European Jewish Congress (EJC) and several other Zionist groups have shown their anger at the publication of cartoon depicting Jewish circumcision practice “barbaric”.

Norwegian daily Dagbladet published the said ”non-kosher” cartoon (on top of this post) last week. It shows a rabbi stabbing a baby in the head with a fork – and a woman cutting baby’s toe while blood splashing over a religious book.

Moshe Kantor, president EJC called the cartoon “hate crime against Jews”, while Abraham Foxman, head of ADL called the cartoon “sickening” and “offensive”. EJC has also threaten the newspaper with a legal action. I’m sure, soon we will be hearing about an apology from Dagbladet.

The anti-circumcision movement is spreading all over Europe, which has offended several pro-Israel leaders. For example, last year, when Markus Wallner, state premier of Vorarlberg state asked doctors not to perform circumcision – German Chancellor Angela Markel slammed Wallner by saying: “It risks making Germany a laughing stock”. Pinchas Goldschmidt, president of European Conference of Rabbis called the ban “the worst attack on Jews since Holocaust”.

Circumcision is an old Biblical command which is still practiced by religious Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities around the world. However, the part of Jewish circumcision ritual, most people find sickening is when the Mohel (the metzitzah b’peh or the practitioner) places his mouth around the child’s penis to suck the blood to “cleanse” the wound. This practice, sometimes, has resulted in death of child. Last year, the New York Board of Health voted to require parents to sign a written consent that warns them of the risks of this practice.

However, you will never find the Zionist-controlled media mentioning the horrors of Jewish circumcision ritual. It would rather highlight anti-circumcision furor as result of Muslims flooding European countries. Last year, Owen Jones posted a valid question at UK’s daily Guradian: “Imagine our alarm if nearly half the UK population said they believed that ‘there are too many Jews’.” Read the article here.

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