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I came across an amusing assessment of Tunisia under pro-USrael “Islamist” En-Nahda after two years. Rob Prince, a journalist and lecturer of International Studies at the University of Denver, posted his assessment at his blog at the Colorado Progressive Jewish News on January 11, 2013.

In nutshell, Rob Prince prefers Tunisia under Islamophobe first president Habib Bourguiba over Bourguiba’s protege Ben Ali and En-Nahda Islamists. He, though, admits that En-Nahda government maintains very close relations with the US and Israel and while it follows US-Israeli agenda towards Iran and Syria – the tiny Jewish community, however, doesn’t feel safe under En-Nahda rule.

Prince despises former president Zine Ben Ali, his wife Leila Trabelsi and other family members who allegedly ”squirreled away some $17 billion” before taking refuge in Saud Arabia on January 14, 2011.

“Washington considers the Tunisian political changes something of a model for what it hopes to see develop throughout the region: weak states, more easily penetrated and run by foreign capital. That they might have ‘Islamic flavor’ is no concern to Washington as long as two golden rules are followed; 1. the country remains economically open and exploitable to international capital, which it does - and 2. the country fall in line with the broader US strategic goals of dominating the region (i.e. co-operating with Israel, openly or covertly, maintaining the pressure on Iran, helping bring down the Assad regime in Syria by supporting the Saudi and Qatari -backed rebels“, wrote Prince.

I must admit, I agree with Prince 101%. This was the plan conceived by Israeli military strategist Oded Yinon in the 1982. That’s with the America’s military, financial and moral support – further break-up the Muslim nation-states into tiny entities so they never pose military threat to Israel.

Prince claims that after January 8 event which featured historian, who spoke about the extradition of Tunisian Jews to Nazi concentration camps during WW II – a vicious campaign was run against the event sponsors of supporting normalisation of relations with Israel, which continue to exist for decades.

The above antisemitic claim reminds me of a Tunisian Jewish community leader, Jacob Lelouche, who had commented on Israel’s Tunisian-born deputy prime minister Silvan Shalom’s call for 2,000 Tunisian Jews to make aliya to Israel.

“Where would I go – to Europe? Come on, I’m not stupid. To Israel? I’m not that stupid either. Silvan can say whatever he wants. I am Tunisian, this is my country. I will stay here. Silvan can not tell me where to live,” Jacob told BBC reporter on December 30, 2011.

Roger Bismuth has served the tiny (2,000) Jewish community in Tunisian parliament for year. The other two Jewish lawmakers in the Muslim countries, are – Rep. Maurice Motamed (Iran) and Sen. David Amar (Morocco).

Finally, the so-called “Arab Spring” which started from Tunisia – was given birth by the neocons in the US State Department with the collaboration of several pro-Israel “think tanks”. Read the timeline and history of Arab Spring in making by Tony Cartalucci, here.

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