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Kuwait’s Shia minority (30%) in Sunni-ruled Kuwait has won 17 seats in country’s 50-member parliament for the first time in the history of the sheikhdom. In the scrapped 2012 parliament Shia minority had seven MPs while in the 2009 parliament it had nine MPs.

Kuwait’s ruling dynasty draw its name ‘Sabah’ from a Jewish family name which existed even during the life of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).

The new parliament has 30 new faces and three women MPs. The anti-government Sunni groups which called for the boycott of the election – secured only four seats. However, the anti-government protesters are not seeking to overthrow the Sabah dynasty.

Kuwait is a very small country with huge oil reserves. Its 1.2 million citizens enjoy one of the best welfare system since independence in 1960, thanks to tens of billions dollars annual oil revenue. There is no taxation and last year, the Emir gave every citizen 1,000 dinars (£2,210) in grants and free food coupons.

Kuwait, though a western proxy in the region, has maintained good relations with the Islamic Republic with the exception during Iraqi invasion of Iran (1980-88) when al-Sabah family funded Saddam to the tume of $560 millions. When Saddam Hussein failed to destroy the Islamic regime in Tehran, he became a liability to US-Israel-Saudi Arabia axis – and needed to be removed from power. Both Iran and Kuwait are members of NAM and OPEC.

On December 6, 2010: Sheikh Sabah al-Ahmed al-Sabah, Emir of Kuwait extended his support for Iran’s civilian nuclear program. On February 2, 2011, Iranian and Kuwaiti officials signed an agreement to consolidate customs and industrial relations. In the same meeting, Iranian Minister of Commerce Mehdi Qazanfari stressed the country’s willingness to establish a joint trade council with Kuwait, increase trade, and expand relations.

Kuwait was a district (Qadha) of Basra province of Iraq until 1921 when it was awarded to Al-Sabah family by the British colonial power to breakup Iraq’s Shia majority’s resistance to foreign occupation. The Zionist-Jew historian Ralph Schoenman in his book, ‘Iraq and Kuwait: A History Suppressed’ has detailed the history of Iraq under the Ottoman empire and its break-up by the anti-Muslim western colonists. Ralph is also author of 1988 book, The Hidden History of Zionism. In January 2012, Ralph was interviewed by Press TV. He said during the interview that Israel was the most racist society in the world.

Professor David Klein’s (California State University) January 2003 article, entitled ‘A Short History of Iraq and Kuwait’ is worth reading here.

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