Lemurië and Atlantis
Sunday, February 8, 2009

The sinking of Lemurië and the rise of Atlantis took place simultaneously. Lemurië disappeared in the depth and the new country Atlantis rose up. Many fled Lemuriëns later went back to this newly resurrected continent.

What then happened to Lemurië and Atlantis is now clearer, because at bottom the Atlantic Ocean is the 4th chakra of the Earth. So when there was just experimenting with the human ego. Men and women were then split, and now 50,000 years later, most people still have problems with their ego. We have a balanced EGO are needed, this was NOT included in Atlantis. EGO is a Woman and Man for exactly the same because both have the same characteristics required for our EGO in balance because it is our own personality and that is YIN - YANG-EGO.

This experiment on Atlantis, there are emotional problems, because we did not know what was going on. Many felt guilty for what happened then, but nobody is guilty. When they were already working on this evolution souls, but we understand when Atlantis this soul EVOLUTION not. Now we all do know and understand information and if we still all in balance. If our EGO''personality''to understand we are in our higher 4th 5th 6th Dimension of our own consciousness.

Now we own boss about ourselves and we can change something if we want, nothing is as it should and everything but in line with our own souls evolution. That was when we must understand that when we could not and why these problems occur. There were mistakes made. Now everyone can own EGO balance and we have now the choice for now logical to think and therefore we are now all here on Earth, our EGO in balance and only imagine ourselves to bring . Let old feelings LOS, they are no longer of this time we are in a different time. If we continue to haunt us all again, this is what we want?

THE life

On Atlantis was also a new awareness generated and this is especially when women heard. This symbolized a consciousness of life and the center symbolizes WHO WE ARE, because our personality is our EGO and that we ourselves are symbolized as our EGO in balance, then we live forever. It is in connection with our inner self, as if our soul, spirit / mind and higher self. Balance that is for men and women EXACTLY the same. That life symbolizes wisdom, a lesson for our soul we did not understand because it is an EVOLUTION souls journey. Negative influences, we can neutralize ITSELF by transformations.

Now we know why Atlantis has so much influence on our present life has been. Many men understand their EGO is still not and it is still our own personality, they are still not aware of their own? There was an awareness must be raised for women so men can understand this? The way some men still live, think, feel is a reflection of what happened then, men / women should not be separated for men and women as equal partners, because we have the same inner SELF. Many still do not see the facts and therefore they can be difficult to change, everyone should wake up.

That is why there are so many sensitive and vulnerable people on Earth and for there are many poorly understood problems. This means that there are still problems that we have not understood? Because we do not understand where these feelings come from? LEAVES LOS feelings because we misunderstood that when rules about our EGO and consciousness was not understood. Now, we are all out and communicate to the answers.

Before Atlantis disappeared into the earth, most residents already fled to Egypt or neighboring countries. In Egypt were masters in Egypt had their spiritual base. There were special spiritual Montessori schools to understand and now we can read about everything on the Internet.
Everything we do we do for ourselves, we ourselves must still be in balance.
For more information the 8delen personal views on evolution Soul and EGO evolution


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