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On Monday, Republic of Maldives’ President Mohamed Nasheed was forced to resign by the anti-regime mass protests in the capital city of Male. Under Constitution, the vice-president Mohammed Waheed Hassan Manik took over country’s Presidency. Waheed called for calm and promised to appoint a unity government. India’s prime minister Manmohan Singh was the first head of state to recognize the regime change. US State Department’s Jewish spokesperson, Victoria Nuland, told reporters yesterday that Washington considers the new government ‘legitimate’. US Assistant Secretary of State Robert Blake who is expected to arrive in Maldives tomorrow – was assured on phone by the new President that he will do everything possible to protect Nasheed.

Mohamed Nasheed, a secularist politician in a 100% Sunni Muslim population (400,000), is a darling of the West. In order to get the support of western anti-Muslim Zionists’ – Nasheed now claims that he was dumped on gunpoint by the pro-Islamist security forces for ordering the arrest of Chief Justice of Criminal Court, Abdullah Mohamed. Nasheed claims that Abdullah Mohamed had released one of Nasheed’s critics, Dr. Mohamed Jameel Ahmad. Dr. Jameel Ahmad was arrested for accusing Nasheed’s government being cahoot with the Zionist regime and that Israel tourists were corrupting country’s Islamic culture.

The military denied that it forced Nasheed to resign at gunpoint. “There is no officer in the military that would point a gun towards the president,” said Brig. Gen. Ibrahim Didi. “The military did not call for his resignation, he resigned voluntarily,” Didi said, adding that the military is trying to bring peace to troubled areas quickly.

Police official Abdul Mannan Yousuf promised investigations into complaints of excessive use of force by police.

The diplomatic relations between Maldives and the Zionist entity were established in 1965 – but severed by the president Maumoon Abdul Gayoom in 1980 who after deposing Sultan Mohamed Farid I, declared the Island nation as a republic. The links were re-established on September 25, 2009 by the new president Mohamed Nasheed. Israeli military officials were reinvited to train Maldives’ security agencies. In 2010, Islamic group protested against the arrival of Israeli surgeons to work at the government run Indhra Gandhi hospital. They claimed Israeli doctors are notorious in organ harvesting for Israel.

Nasheed who initially headed a colliation government, later turned into a civilian dictator. He awarded millions of dollars of contracts to his family members and close friends and wealthy supporters. Nasheed’s family has fleed the Island and country’s highest court has issued warrant for his arrest.

Nasheed’s problem with the Criminal Court goes back to 1965 when then Chief Justice Mohamed Jameel Didi had advised Sultan Mohamed Farid I not to receive the Israeli ambassador. The Sultan did not accept Chief Justice’s advise. The Sultan fired him and subsequently the old office of the chief cleric which combined judicial and Shariah functions was disbanded and replaced by western-style judiciary.

Maldives opposition party, Dhivehi Rayyithunge Party (DRP), has always criticized Nasheed’s ruling MDP for its relation with the Zionist entity. The leader of DRP’s religious wing asserts that it is “expressly forbidden” to give any assistance to Israel as “they forced Palestinians out of their homes and brutalised them only because they say ‘We are Muslims’.”

Maldives is a chain of 1,200 islands extending over 502 miles. Only 202 islands are populated. Islam has dominated Maldives since 1163 when its king converted to Islam. Muslim Arab historian Ibn Batuta visited Maldives in 1343. In 1346 he was appointed the Qadi (Chief Justice) of Maldives. The Portugueses occupied Maldives from 1558 to 1573. they’re eventually driven out by Muhammad Thakurufar Al-Azam and a Sultanate was established. It was abolished on November 11, 1968.

The Maldives people have roots in Southern India, Sri Lanka and traders from Arab countries. Today, Maldivian ethnic conscioussness is a strong blend of these cultures, reinforced by religion (Islam) and language (Dhiveli).

The Zionist regime has issued travel warning to Jewish tourists against visiting Maldives which is turning into a battle-ground for the US-China domination of the Indian Ocean.