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Body, Consciousness

What is a man? When I look to myself I see a "body" as my means of transportation, and somewhere in that body, I, my consciousness. I always ask myself that I is somewhere behind my eyes, and between the ears. I think that many people have, we are on our very eyes, very visual. Sometimes in meditation, I sometimes myself as awareness in other parts of my body for that, but that is not easy. Sometimes it suddenly saying, but it appears that once you realize that, you might shoot back to your old familiar place in your head behind your eyes. In any case this proves that consciousness is something slip, something not quite "stuck to the body.

(According to the oriental philosophy, we have a number of bodies ever finer dust, and all fall over each other as peel of an onion or a Russian doll what you open, and which always has a new doll. The oriental philosophy talk For example, on the astral body, mental body, emotional body and so on.)

Only the other our consciousness. We really feel that only inner doll, our most dense body and the thinner and less visible bodies around experience we rarely or not at all. Some people feel that those bodies do, and if you meditate a lot of pressing, or if your "narcotic" remedies such as alcohol or drugs would you ever suddenly feel that you "from your body moves. Exit Reason is that, and also during the dream state that seems to happen. I myself have experienced that several times, once during an illness, several times just before I fell asleep, and sometimes even behind the wheel of my car driving on the highway. So for me, that reality. Ok, we know that we have a body, and something that we "consciousness" as, what more or less appears to be independent but usually in our head seems to sit.

Our human body is actually a type of vehicle for consciousness, and you can say that this vehicle for most people is locked, we can not just step out. Yes if we "kill", and perhaps the only correct description of the dead just do exactly that, you can step out of your body, but permanent, and the control is lost, in terms of vehicle, the engine and even if you start the engine again instapt anymore. Sometimes, however, start the engine and then we speak of a near-death experience. And during the birth we get in, and immediately the door (on the child lock?). Of course the first thing in my mind now, as we boarded and off, where are we? So where we get in and where are we when we get off?

I do not know. I know that if we withdraw, we are still in this world seem to be and still awake, conscious. "With awareness, which is a nice expression. Does that mean we have our consciousness might go? Is that what happens when we sleep, we leave our "consciousness"? Actually, if you look good, our consciousness is very limited. We know nothing of where we were and what we did before we "walked in our vehicle, or were born in our universe, and we know (still) not what happens when we go out, we have at least no memories of previous cases of "off" or die. And what is even worse, half the time we are even not in our consciousness ", then" sleep "we. That is a time which is often completely lost. This makes our consciousness, or rather the time we "in our consciousness" are a very precious asset. Let us use that time well!

(Many people have memories of previous "lives", some have spontaneous, others in a "trance" state events from past lives, and experienced, albeit often limited, they can then their name and residence and the year of the event that they re-live them.)

That brings me immediately to the question what is a "life"? And I mean consciousness experienced. If you look at plants and animals, than life that even they have much less awareness than us. I mean with a "life" time of consciousness between the time of "boarding" and when "off". And we have a "life" or we have more, or even infinitely many? Since we as humans usually have no conscious memories of other lives, we often think that we have but one life. And of course you can only know what you know. And if you do not know, then you can "believe". Believe it is sure of what you do not know. That sounds pretty useless. Why do you want to know things you do not know? Why would you want to believe for example that you have several lives if you do not know? The first thing to mind is "Hope". Pure hope. You hope that there is more to life than this, and that's optimism, the feeling that you work for the future. Another thing on me mind is "Fear". This is a counterpart of hope. Angst for the dead, you're afraid that after this life nothing is that you completely disappears. That pessimism is, you think this life is all for nothing.


(This is the work of Religion:
- The Catholic church says you out of nothing, but you remain forever after this life, but not come back in a life. Depending on how you've done some live your eternal reward or eternal punishment.
- The eastern currents that you live forever. That you through mineral plant and animal finally a man was in, and many lives have to do and if you do good you finally going to be a god.
- New Age movements say that you always have a piece of God are, but in human lives are stepped on to learn. Eventually you will be another God.
- Many people say that nature as God spark here in this life are met, and after your death a star in the sky is.
This list can continue endlessly ...)

With so many "expert" opinions that are different so it is obviously impossible for us to anything certainly know. We can make a choice for ourselves, from all religions and philosophies just those things which apply to ourselves. Or nothing at all to adopt, or what we believe themselves, or even nothing at all to believe. Of course, a personal belief. And for everyone else. And why else would you try your "faith" on the matter? The first thing I turn to mind is "Fear". Because you are so insecure you feel safer if others the same "faith" on the future. Like a smoker feel better to other smokers. Well this fear has caused many in the world. Entire peoples have been together for this murder. Known only to the "faith", but probably much more by fear. Fear of something different and a deep uncertainty about your own "faith". And we want to hear something like, that is fear, fear of being alone. And we feel bigger and stronger in a group. Then suddenly you talk about power. A group has power, will power. That plays into the faith, power. Religions have everything to do with power. Why else would you need a Religion? Everyone still has his own "faith"? Everyone is entitled to his own "faith". Only a religion that power is driven by others trying to impose his faith.

Something you should immediately notice is how many really big differences between different religions. That must feel when you call that some parties who are really wrong, and perhaps one of the "truth" proclaims, but that all parties with the same fire (and sword) do. One more reason to just your own "faith" and to have your own religion to be. And that equal opportunity is that YOU are that person the truth, and that the rest of the world just can sit next to complete.


Back to our consciousness. In a previous section, the term "dream" to the top. Almost half of our time, we are not in our consciousness, but we are somewhere else we do not know and in the best case, we have our consciousness in "dreams". Dream has been a lot written, what would it be useful? Is the processing of events from our waking time? Or is the dream time and real time is our wake-time dream? Interestingly, in this context, the movie "The Matrix" where all people as batteries connected in a bath, and their dreams in life. For them, the dream-time real time. And their emotions they arouse the power that the machine feeds. About the Matrix is widely spoken. There are people like David Icke and others who think that our life is comparable to the people from the Matrix, and that we "dream" that we are all the world "dreams" and that another race is what feeds with our emotions, which we, as it were a battery are. This reasoning is very good, and certainly deserves a lot of attention. Also in the book "The holografic Universe" by Michael Talbot is shown that this very real and that the world may be a holographic projection of our minds, or rather our dream.

To close this subject for myself I put my questions again here. What is consciousness, how is that attached to our body so we are as it were, imprisoned in his? Where are we before we "get by" and after we "get out" and why we are a large part of each day "off" during our sleep, and what we dream?

Rene, April 3, 2009

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