Negative thoughts make you really sick


Negative thoughts make you really sick
Monday, May 25

If you think you're sick, you'll actually experience symptoms, even if you're really healthy. Scientists discovered that negative thoughts can make you sick.

Negative expectations
If you know the side effects in a leaflet reads, increasing your risk of negative side effects of a drug. "The idea that you believe that sick, you really sick is, it seems far-fetched. But research shows that the opposite is true. Thanks to placebo, we know that you can think better. But the reverse is also brother. Negative expectations cause harmful effects. "says scientist Clifton Meador.

Side effects
In clinical tests for a new medicine felt quarter of patients receiving a placebo had side effects that were described on the leaflet. And guinea pigs for bloeddrukverlagers experienced by placebo as often symptoms such as fatigue and a lower libido as the persons who received the real medication.

Really die
Meador: "Negative thoughts can make itself, bad news affects your body. I think so far that when you point to someone that he will die, he actually does." (ep)


Sinus Infection

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Its true that negative thoughts can make you sick, if you spent some time thinking nothing about a loved one that has died, or something that has hurt you then it can make you upset, depressed or even physically vomit.
However thinking positive thoughts can in some situations make you feel better, but its impossible for them to cure you of illnesses, especially severe medical problems.


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I believe it. I've seen it and experienced it myself. It goes with any amount of energy, if you are surrounded by negative, you become negative, and yes, sickness can easily set in, and alternately, if you are surrounded by positive, you become positive (or at least are more likely to) and you can heal. It is one of those things that if you pay attention to, you can learn and use to your advantage.