Introduction to Night Six ~ Entering the Universal Underworld

From September 23rd to October 10th, we enter into Night Six of the Universal Underworld amplified through the Cosmic Convergence of Unity Consciousness from September the 23rd to the 26th, the tail end of the Equinox and the Golden Ray of Intergalactic Christ Consciousness Overlighted by the Andromedan Co-Creative Ray Council of Twelve.

This beautiful Golden Flame of Light, ever expansive at a seventh dimensional level of Cosmic Consciousness awareness, brings the perfect balance on a Cosmic level of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom, activating this Three-Fold Flame of Divine Love within the hearts and minds of all humanity through the powerful pulses of the super-electron and Spiritual Microtron.

As these golden vortices of One Unity Consciousness spin in increased frequencies of Light at a cellular level within the body, Light workers, Starseeded Ones and Wayshowers activate the Golden Solar Disc within their heart center through an alignment of Light between the Sun, Comet Elenin, the Earth and inner Earth Sun from September 26th to 28th, preparing the way to actualize the Flame of Divine Love for all Life on 11:11:11.

Through the sacred master number of 11, the new DNA activation keycodes will be activated within the Crystalline Grid of Divine Love through the Golden Solar Discs of Light, radiating from the sacred vortices of Light and Crystalline Cities of Light within and around this earth plane.

In Night 6, we are further invited into the Crystalline City of Light within Lake Titicaca to experience the Golden Solar Disc within this Crystalline City and activate the Golden Solar Disc within our hearts, amplified through the Spiritual Microtron; the Spiritual Microtron can be described as radiating from the Cosmic Heart and Eternal Divine Light of Mother/Father God; potentially able to accelerate the frequency of Light within our bodies faster than the speed of common light through the persuasion of micro sub-atomic particles due to the splitting of the atom.

In other words, it is able to increase the Light vibration of the sub-atomic particles within our bodies through the creation of even smaller sub-atomic particles, allowing for the full download and integration of our I AM Avatar Blueprint of Light.

It is in this Now moment that we make the conscious choice as these first wave Souls in full embodiment of the I Am Avatar Blueprint of Light to move beyond our fears and perceived limitations to experience the potentiality of ourselves as initiates of Light in vibrational attunement to Divine Love; the Flame of Eternal Divine Liquid Light and the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

Taking our rightful place as Keepers of the Flame of Divine Love, we are able to affect and create change within our realities and on this earth plane through our loving thoughts, actions and Cosmic Conscious awareness, sealed eternally in the Golden Flames and Cosmic embrace of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom.

Through the complete surrender of all aspects of our Self, and the integration of our I Am Presence, we experience the sense of merging into oneness with all Life through the Unity Grid of Divine Love. With this comes the knowing that 11:11:11 is the Gateway of Divine Love that potentially allows us to experience Self Mastery with the crystalline activated DNA encodings of Light and eternal Divine Love.

Invocation to Night Six

I call upon the Overlighting of the Company of Heaven, the Andromedan Co-Creative Ray Council of Twelve, Helios and Vesta, Nature Intelligence and Mother Earth, as I align myself through Mother/Father God, and my I Am Presence.

I now call upon the Andromedan Co-Creative Ray Council of Twelve, to take me in an external Merkaba into the Crystalline City of Light within Lake Titicaca, so I may experience the vastness of my Self within these Golden Flames of eternal Divine Love.

As I enter into this Crystalline City of Light, I am greeted by three Gatekeepers of Light, embraced and welcomed, as I am led into a magnificent vibrating golden icosahedronal shaped Temple of Light.
Surrounded by my family and friends of the Light, I now experience this Cosmic Three-Fold Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom deep within my heart as I affirm:

"I surrender my Self to Divine Love, I surrender my Self to the full magnificence of my Divinity as an initiate of Light in service to Mother Earth and all her Life".

I am now placed in a Spiritual Microtron Activated Chamber of Light.

As this Flame of Golden Light is activated, as the sub-atomic particles within my body spin in increased frequencies of Light, amplified through the super-electron, I now merge with my I Am Presence, releasing, healing, and loving all aspects of my Self while lifting myself in vibrational attunement into the realms of Divine Love.

I now find myself within the Unity Grid of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness, connected to all the Light Workers and Beings of Light from On High assisting in the Divine blueprint and creation of this New Earth.

I now experience the activation of the Golden Solar Disc of Light within my heart, through the radiation and Light of all the sacred Solar Discs and portals of Light within and around this earth plane, as I align with the inner Earth Sun, the Earth, Comet Elenin, the Sun, the Central Sun and Great Central Sun, and now experience myself within the Cosmic Heart of Mother/Father God.

As this Flame of Divine Love and Child of the Sun, I now find myself within this seventh dimensional frequency of Divine Light in the etheric of Andromeda, merging now with my seventh dimensional selves and taking on these keycodes of Light.

I now assist all the Beings of Light from On High in directing this Cosmic Golden Three-Fold Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom through these dimensions of Light and now into this Solar System and onto Earth, into Shamballa, into the Unity Grid and Crystalline Grid of Light, through all the leylines and sacred sites, and now into the hearts and minds of all Humanity, lifting them into the possible experience of Cosmic Christ Consciousness and Divine Love.

I Am balance and harmony,

I Am illumination and devotion,

I Am Power, Love and Wisdom,

I Am the Three-Fold Flame of Divine Love,

I Am a Child of the Sun,

I Am All That I Am.


Night Six ~ Transmission from the Elders

Welcome, this is Anrita Melchizedek. I am now going to make a connection to the Elders, ancient celestial Beings and High Council members to the Order of Melchizedek, to bring through more information on Night Six of the Universal Underworld.

Welcome sweet ones, It gives us great pleasure to be with you in this Now. As you see how rapidly changes are occurring on this earthplane, and increased frequencies of Light are being activated, leading up to this incredible activity of Light on 11-11-11.

Where, as the Keepers of the Flame of Divine Love, sweet ones, you will potentially activate this Flame of Divine Love for 'all' life, through the Eleventh Ray of "Illumined Truth", this beautiful Pink-Orange Flame of Divine Love. What is happening now, sweet ones, is you are building your multi-dimensional bodies of Light while stepping into a deeper level of your inner Self, the 'essence' of Divine Love.

You are being given an opportunity in Night Six to align through the Inner-Earth Sun, through your Sun, through the Earth, and through the Cosmic vibrations brought through with Comet Elenin.

And also, sweet ones, this alignment of Light takes you through the Central Sun and Great Central Sun. As this alignment of Light occurs at a deeper level within yourself, you take on the encodings of Light of the I-AM Avatar Blueprint of Light; and in this moment, activate the beautiful Golden Solar Disc of Light, existing within the heart chakras of all awakened Lightworkers on this earthplane.

This 'beautiful' Golden Solar Disc within yourselves was anchored initially through the Solstice in December of 1997 and is now available to shine this Light to a level where you enter into Solar Christ Consciousness.

This is the energy vibration into which 'all' life has the opportunity to exist within from the year 2012-2013. From a ray perspective, it is the vibration of all twelve rays with a focus on Love-Wisdom and the energy vibration from a Galactic alignment of Light into which you will be moving to experience a greater opening of Heaven on Earth, as your Earth herself 'becomes' the Spiritual Sun within this solar system.

The Inner-Earth Sun, sweet ones, assists in influencing the RNA and the Light that feeds into the DNA through the nadis and subtle channels in the body. It is changing and shifting too as you align at a deeper level within your inner being.

It affects the subtle bodies, it affects the vibrational energetic frequency of this earthplane through rhythm and harmony.

And as you awaken this Light within your being through these keycodes of Light, through the dormant DNA, through the Spiritual Microtron and super-electron, you have this opportunity to move into that which we call the physical ascension through this gateway of 11-11-11.

As these Golden Solar Discs are activated within and around the earthplane through the Crystalline Cities of Light and sacred sites, these twelve-strand encodings of Light assist in activating the full twelve-strand within 'your' body at a cellular level; awakening you, simply to your full magnificence as this Flame of Divine Love.

This is 'called' the "First Wave I-AM Avatar Soul's experience". For you come through with these keycodes of Light ready to be activated to take yourself into the experience of enlightenment and Divine Love.

And, this is 'one' of the first waves occurring in this spiral to take you en masse into this essence of Divine Love, sweet ones, where you can hold the magnificence of your Selves as these Flames of Divine Love for 'all' life on this earthplane.

This Light grows more and more as you experience yourself within the Unity Grid of Divine Love. Know that this experience, sweet ones, as we have mentioned previously, is not something outside of yourself; it is within and around you, -- this matrix of Divine Love and Unity Consciousness. And what you are doing now simply, is expanding into this Cosmic frequency of Divine Love through Empowerment, Love and Wisdom.

Finding your balance, finding your rhythm, as you further merge the inner Divine Masculine and Feminine archetypes within yourself in vibrational attunement to Divine Love.

Sweet ones, while there is still much clearing going on, and, of course, much polarity on the lower planes, the energy vibrations and transmissions of Divine Light bring you to this Now moment of One-Unity Consciousness, of trusting and surrendering to the Divine, of trusting and surrendering to your Self; of releasing the last of the remnants of the negative ego aspects, of the shadows, so that you may hold yourself, simply in this essence of Light and Divine Love.

And this is occurring for 'all' of you in this Now.

For a moment now, we would like to take you into the experience of meeting with many of the Beings of Light living within the Hollow Earth, the Inner-Earth, known as Shamballa or Agartha; underground cities such as Telos, beneath Mount Shasta.

These Beings of Light have 'mastered' immortality, sweet ones, and follow the Teachings of Light from the Order of Melchizedek as initiates of Light; and, this is the pathway into which you are moving again, as you awaken fully to your full magnificence as these sacred Master Beings, as you step into self-mastery, as you view life through your Master eyes as these Flames of Divine Love.

As you come into the remembrance of these Teachings of Light through the mergings of these parallel streams of consciousness, these parallel realities, you come into a deeper sense of lifetimes in which you have achieved self-mastery.

And the experience for you now is in building your multi-dimensional bodies of Light, embracing and integrating your I-AM Presence, trusting and surrendering to the Divine; and with this, being able to activate these DNA encodings of Light.

You are now taken in soul consciousness into the Inner-City of Light within Telos, where you are greeted by many sacred Beings of Light. Find yourself walking now in this sacred space, greeting these old friends and family members; soul and star connections of Light.

As you look around you, you see the radiance of the Inner Sun, you see the subtleness of this Light vibration, bringing for you a new level of harmony and balance, as these sunlight keycodes of Light lift your vibration to experience a greater level of your inner Self and inner Light.

It is within these inner dimensions of Light that you hold the energy of Mother-Earth and all her life, assisted by the Crystalline Cities of Light and the great crystals within Mother-Earth. Through the radiance of your own inner Sun, through the radiance of this Golden Solar Disc within your heart, take on these encodings of Light that will create this network of Divine Love through all aspects of yourself as you connect and merge with these sacred Beings of Light within the Inner-Cities, following the Teachings of Light from on High.

Allow yourself to be lifted multi-dimensionally into Solar Christ Consciousness, sweet ones, in the experience of your Inner Sun and the Inner-Earth Sun.

Just take a moment to spend some time with these sacred Beings of Light, see how they live their life in Divine Love; how they are sustaining this earthplane, this vibration of Divine Love; what they are co-creating in their realities; what their Ascended Master's gifts are. For these are 'your' gifts too and you will come to that point of immortality, letting go of all the veils of illusion.

And now, as you say your good-byes, you find yourself within this Crystalline City within Lake Titicaca. Again, you are greeted by the three gatekeepers of Light and led into this beautiful vibrating Crystalline City of Light, holding the Cosmic energy of Intergalactic Christ Consciousness and this Golden Flame of Empowerment, Love and Wisdom.

Take the time now, to explore this Crystalline City of Light and its many Temples of Light, sweet ones. For truly, these Crystalline Cities of Light are now being anchored more on the physicality, and in the near future, they will be available for all those able to attune to this level of Light to experience.

Unlike many of the Crystalline Cities of Light that exist in the etheric, this Crystalline City of Light exists within Lake Titicaca; it is a dimensional portal of Light into the higher dimensions.

It is a gateway of Light through which many of the Beings of Light come into and use. And this too is one of the reasons, sweet ones, that primarily in activating these Solar Discs of Light within and around this earthplane on 11;11:11, it will be experienced too through this Solar Disc of Light and these encodings of Light, holding these twelve helices, the strands of Light within this sacred Solar Disc within Lake Titicaca.

As this Solar Disc of Light is activated, so the other Solar Discs of Light and Crystalline Cities will be activated. All the sacred sites, leylines and crystalline energetic frequencies within the Unity Grid of Light will be amplified in this frequency of Divine Love through the activation of these new DNA encodings of Light.

Take the time to introduce yourself to these different Intergalactic Beings of Light, Solar Beings of Light, and know that you are considered this Solar Being of Light and Keeper of the Flame of Divine Love.

So take your rightful place in the honoring of yourself and all life.

Experience yourself simply as Divine Love, sweet ones. Radiate this within your environment; and experience this now in these amplified frequencies through this beautiful Crystalline City of Light.

As the Earth becomes the Star, the new spiritual Sun for this solar system, as you move into Solar Christ Consciousness, you are already taking on these keycodes of Light to anchor and activate and hold this Divine energy of Love for all life, sweet ones.

And further to this, to assist on other lower worlds and planets in lifting the 'consciousness', energetically and vibrationally, within the solar system.

Know the importance of your work; know the importance of truly surrendering, so that you may move into a greater level of balance and harmony and well-being, while supporting Mother-Earth and Nature Intelligence and all life, both incarnate and those on the inner planes, -- for there are many human souls, waiting for the opportunity to incarnate onto this sacred jewel, which you exist.

And now, just feel this alignment of Light within this Crystalline City of Light; within the Unity Grid of Divine Love and One Unity Consciousness.

Through the Inner-Earth Sun amplifying now your inner Sun, this Golden Solar Disc within your heart, connect to the alignment of Light through the Sun, through the Overlighting of Helios and Vesta, taking on these keycodes of Solar Christ Consciousness, of manifestation, of expansion, of Divine Love.

And now, experience this alignment to the Central Sun, through the Pleiades and Alcyone, taking on these keycodes of Light, activating this Golden Solar Disc of Light in illumination and self-mastery, these fifth dimensional keycodes of Light. --

Experience this alignment through the Great Central Sun now, through Sirius, beamed to the alignment of the Highest Light of Who You Are, as you merge into the energy of the magnificence of your I-AM Presence, through the vibrating frequencies and vortices of the super-electron, and the downloading of these keycodes of sacred sexuality, allowing for the merging of your inner masculine and feminine archetypes of Light.

And now as you lift yourself into the seventh dimensional frequency of Light through the Overlighting of the Andromedan Co-Creative Ray Council of Twelve, experience this energetic frequency now of expansiveness through the Spiritual Microtron as you simply become Light in building these multi-dimensional bodies of Light; as you activate the DNA to the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow, as you see yourself as this nodule point of vibrating Divine Love on the Unity Grid of Light.

And now experience this alignment to Comet Elenin, to the Cosmic energy vastness of this comet, as it moves through this galaxy and solar system into alignment with the Sun and Earth; experiencing yourself too now as in the Cosmic Heart of Mother-Father God. - Wonderful.

As you hold yourself in the magnificence and preciousness of the Light of Who You Are as this sacred Master Being, as this Flame of Divine Love and custodian to Mother-Earth, we let you know through the 11-11-11 vibration of Divine Love, it is possible too, sweet ones, to fully activate the I-Am Avatar Blueprint of Light. When these crystalline frequencies are activated through the new DNA encodings of Light to a level of Divine Love, you may experience physical ascension as this first-Wave Soul in full embodiment of the I-AM Avatar Blueprint of Light.

This is a time that may be a personal initiation of Light to you too, sweet ones, as the chakras merge in one unified column of Light and you take on these crystalline frequencies of Divine Love at a cellular level, activating the dormant DNA to the maximum that Cosmic Law will allow; and allowing for you to build this I-AM Avatar Blueprint, this etheric electronic body of Light, vibrating simply in this frequency of Unity Consciousness and Divine Love.

It will greatly enhance your Service work and if you are open to receiving this, move beyond the fears to the knowing and the potentiality of the experience of yourself as this Ascended Being.

We are not talking about you ascending en masse into the inner planes, we are talking about you anchoring, activating, igniting the Flame of Divine Love within yourselves, experiencing these streams of mergers of parallel realities of self-initiation, of self-mastery to the level where Love becomes 'All That Is'.

For Love is 'All That Is', sweet ones, and as these polarities come together now, draw them within your body, integrate the shadow aspects in this Now, so you will be ready to accelerate your Light frequency by 11-11-11.

These DNA encodings of Light will further assist in bringing through these silicone crystalline frequencies in shifting the carbon-based cells into this crystalline frequency of Divine Light, emanating as vortices, as stargates of Light, receiving and transmitting simply as the Flames of Divine Love.

And this is the experience that 'all' of you may choose, sweet ones.

It is an unparalleled moment in the history of humanity, sweet ones, as you embrace yourself to experience a new Golden Age of Enlightenment through the New Earth of Divine Love. Awakened and aware through Cosmic Consciousness and Divine Love, you create and affect your reality, sweet ones, and we honor you as these sacred Beings of Divine Love, as these Keepers of the Flame of Divine Love. And with this we bid you a most magical day.


Invocations for The Mayan Underworld Focus

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