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Luba Kramrish, a Jewish woman living in Toronto has been formally charged in the US with taking part in a scheme to steal from a Holocaust survivors’ fund.

The US attorney’s office claims that Kramrish falsified details for her mother’s application to the fund and that once she realized how to cheat the system, she started recruiting applicants, about two dozen of them. In one case, the FBI says, she falsified details to get money for a man who never lived in an area occupied by Nazis. The US indictment says that when he got the money, she took a cut.

The FBI determined a massive fraud was at play and that it had been going on since the 1990s. The investigation is still underway, but it is estimated that at least $60 million has been siphoned from the fund.

About $6 billion has been paid out to about 450,000 people since the funds were made available.

Jew scholar, Dr. Norman Finkelstein in his book The Holocaust Industry has exposed how Israel and Jewish lobby groups have exploited Jewish sufferings to suck billions of dollars and stop criticism of the Zionist entity.

“The issue over which more innocent, truth-telling people have been imprisoned than any other – is the Holocaust, that Jewish public relations gambit to get people to feel sorry for the Jews by exploiting the suffering of their own people, gaining control of political and legal systems, and passing laws that command everyone to feel sorry for the Jews. (Not to mention reaping billions in reparations!) This effectively conceals or at least deflects discussion about any information about crimes committed by Jews,” wrote American Christian blogger John Kaminski.

As the saying goes: “Easy come easy go!”. The German taxpayers have been force to pay more than $93 billion as compensation for the crimes of their forefathers against the so-called “Chosen People”. However, Germans are lucky – No one has forced them to pay compensations to Nazis’ major victims, the Gypsies and Christians.

Last month, heads of Haredi Charity were busted for stealing millions of dollars from the German Holocaust Survivors Fund for buying food for soup kitchens and then selling the food to Haredi schools and other Heradi institutions in a type of money laundering.

On November 13, 2010 – the TIME reported that FBI had charged 17 Jews for making fraudulent claims for money from a fund established to compensate victims of the Holocaust.

On August 25, 2011, Jewish TABLET magazine reported the arrest of Rabbi Menachem Youlus for selling copies of Torah purportedly recovered from former Nazi labor (aka concentration) camps.

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