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In March 2013, Moscow’s Islamophobe Mayor Sergey Semyonovich Sobyanin PhD (born 1958) said in an interview with Moscow’s Echo radio that he has no plan to allow two million Moscovite Muslims to build new mosque. He also added that ‘excessive’ number of economic migrants (from former 5 Muslim republics under USSR), was a ‘harmful thing’.

“It has turned out that the praying Muslims are not at all Russian citizens and they are not Moscow residents. They are labor migrants. There are only 10 percent of Moscow residents among them and building mosques for everyone who wants it – I think this will be over the top,” said Sobyanin showing his ethnic and religious racism.

“Muscovites now get irritated by people who speak a different language, have different manners, with aggressive behavior. This is not purely ethnic, but this is connected with some ethnic traits,” added Sobyanin.

Sobyanin’s attitude appears to be supported among city residents. The Islamic United Center of Muslim Organizations obtained permission in September 2012 to construct a massive new mosque, capable of accommodating 60,000 worshipers, in the city outskirts. But plans were canceled after thousands of locals gathered to protest.

Ironically, Sobyanin along with Zionist president Shimon Peres attended the opening ceremony of world’s largest and most expensive ($50 million) Jewish Museum built in Moscow last year. Vladmir Putin donated his one month salary. The museum occupies 5,000 sq. ft. space. It’s designed by New York-based designer Ralph Applebaum, who designed the US Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. The USHMM is built on Federal Land and US taxpayers pay $48 million towards its annual operating cost of $80 million. It’s open to public on April 22, 1993.

Sergey Sobyanin served as Chief of Staff and Deputy Prime Minister under Vladmir Putin before being elected Mayor of Moscow in 2010. Last year, Zionist Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat met Sobyanin in Moscow. After the meeting, Barkat told reporters that Sobyanin is interested in strengthening relations with Israel and Russian Jewry.

Currently, there are only four mosques to serve Moscow’s growing population. They’re always crowded during Friday and two Eids prayers.

Muslim population in Moscow has increased during the last three years – from 4% to 7%, according to a December 2012 survey by the Levada Center. Muslims make the second largest religious group in the city after followers of Russian Orthodox Church. Islam is also the fastest growing faith among Russian.

The Church, Jewish lobby groups and Zionist controlled mass media are exploiting the anti-Russian feelings among Russian occupied Muslim-majority Chechnya, Daghestan and Ingushetia.

Israeli Mossad is very active in Russia. It carried out Moscow Metro bombing in 2010 and Moscow Airport bombing in 2011. Russian government blamed Muslims for both false flag operations. Islamic traditions are very much feared. Muslim Hijab is already officially banned in Russia. “The ban against the right of Muslim women to wear religious headscarves is one symptom of a larger resistance towards the growth of Islam in Russia,” said Hilal Elver, a research professor at the University of California Santa Barbara and an expert on religious freedom.

President Vladimir Putin has expressed support for the ban. “There are no hijabs in our culture, and when I say ‘our,’ I mean traditional Islam,” he told journalists at a question-and-answer session in December 2012. “Shall we adopt alien traditions? Why would we do that?”

Holy Qur’an, does not explicitly require women to wear headscarves, but directs both men and women to dress modestly. Wearing hijab is a matter of Islamic custom, which depends partly on region.

In 2011, CBN News made a documentary showing the overwhelming numbers of Muslims praying on streets as the mosques are too small to accommodate all of the worshippers inside. Watch the documentary below.

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