No worries for tomorrow, though Friday the 13th
Thursday, February 12, 2009

GRONINGEN - There is no scientific proof that people on Friday the 13th more chance of accidents than on other days. "But that makes the people do not believe in'', ensures mass psychologist Hans van de Sande.

"The man has naturally a great tendency to believe things that are unbelievable. There is the idea that under the earth in a week created, or that extraterrestrial beings exist. Or an unlucky Friday the 13th would be.''

It is human to find the cause of bad luck not to find yourself, but something supernatural. "It is always better to devils, ghosts or spirits to accuse'', the scientist from.

But the flip side of the coin is that there is created a social phenomenon that leads to totally irrational fears. "Al is in the Netherlands to''very, qualifies Van de Sande." In China and Catholic countries live the superstition much stronger.''

Ineke Strouken Director of the Netherlands Center for Folk agrees on its own experience. "I did not believe in Friday the 13th''says she.

Until Strouken an unlucky itself was hit by bad luck and ended up in hospital. "Since then I am extra cautious.''
Not smart

According to the Western European tradition is the Friday anyway not smart to travel or something new to start, set Strouken.

"Today many people marry on Friday, but earlier was that peak on Sunday and Monday,''explains it." At the end of the week was the usual things to finish, not something to start.''

Investigation a few years ago that half of the Dutch themselves called superstitious. "Al is there anyone under which maintains small rituals such as footballers or actors''explains Strouken off.

Extra breakdown

Even science has attempted to prove that Friday the 13th bad luck leads to extra. But the results of the theses were not uncontested.

"That is different, for example research into the effects of full moon,''says the director." This is real evidence that more children are born and more crimes are committed.''


It is partly self-fulfilling prophecy, notes psychologist mass Van de Sande on. "Because people are afraid that something is, they do more cautious. And that kind of behavior will usually just more accidents with them.''

He himself is not involved in the mass hysteria. "If Friday the 13th was really disastrous if everyone calls, there were on earth not much people around.''

Source: ANP