Notice Denial of consent form


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Research the law in your area/country and see how it applies . I do not profess to be a lawyer just some one who has taken some time to delve into what is written in books and from others pursuing personal freedom.

This is a denial of consent form that also must be filed along with the other 2:

Constructive Notice of Denial of Consent

Whereas the Province of Ontario, or its agents, committed extortion to generate agreements, and
Whereas The Province of Ontario denied a human being recourse to the law, and
Whereas The Province of Ontario uses deception to get people to register their offspring, and
Whereas The Supreme Court of Canada has ruled that the power of governments to govern comes from the consent of the governed, and
Whereas consent must be freely given and can never be forced, but can be gained expressly or tacitly, and
Whereas it seems the government of the Province of Ontario uses deception to gain the consent to govern, and
Whereas most people do not know we can deny our consent to be governed, and
Whereas I cannot in good conscience support any organization which uses unlawful means to generate agreements and manufacture apparent consent, and
Whereas the wording in many statutes is misleading to the point of deception

Be it known, that I,__________________________________ , as of _____________________ do hereby deny consent to be governed by any and all parties.

No statutes can be deemed to apply to me, for they are the product of a governing body, one that I do not consent to.
I will not pay any taxes, for the collection of taxes is a function of government and with my denial of consent, I free myself of any association with all governing bodies.
I acknowledge I give up certain benefits and legal rights.
I immediately request a Canada Tax Exemption card,and
I request a Freeman on the Land Status card which in no way binds me to any society.
I affirm that all my Common Law Rights are still intact and I state my intent to exercise those rights.
These rights include but are not limited to the right to private property and the right to travel on a public roadway without a license.

Notary____________________________________________ _____________or

WITNESSED__________________________Dated ___________________

WITNESSED__________________________Dated ___________________