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Kurt Nimmo
Prison Planet.com
Friday, April 2, 2010

After shooting hoops for the cameras, Harry Smith of CBS asked Obama his thoughts on talk radio. Smith said a lot of people consider him a “socialist” and even a “Nazi” and asked the president if he is aware of this.

“Well, I think that when you listen to Rush Limbaugh or Glenn Beck, it’s pretty apparent, and it’s troublesome, but keep in mind that there have been periods in American history where this kind of vitriol comes out,” Obama responded. “It happens often when you’ve got an economy that is making people more anxious, and people are feeling like there is a lot of change that needs to take place. But that’s not the vast majority of Americans. I think the vast majority of Americans know that we’re trying hard, that I want what’s best for the country.”

According to CBS, Obama said “both Democrats and Republicans have a responsibility to tone down the rhetoric, but that much of it has to do with the current media environment in which extreme comments are echoed in the blogosphere.”

In other words, the problem is not so much establishment talk radio hosts like Limbaugh and Beck but the internet and alternative media. Obama wants the “blogosphere” (corporate media shorthand for alternative media) to “tone down the rhetoric,” that is to say follow the rules on discourse established by the government. Americans have a “responsibility” to be polite and wait for the corporate media to get around to interviewing them for fifteen second sound bites. Critics of a predatory and ever-expanding federal government are expected to sit on their thumbs and wait for hell to freeze over.

It is an understatement to say “you’ve got an economy that is making people more anxious.” In fact, the hijacked and looted economy is making them increasingly angry and moving them toward political action.

Large and growing numbers of Americans understand that Obama and Congress do not have their best interests in mind. The Obama administration is filled to the brim with insiders and bankster operatives like Larry Summers and Timothy Geithner. Obama’s economic team is headed up by a former Federal Reserve mob boss, Paul Volcker, who has said the American people need to do with less. Obama’s State Department is staffed with Trilateralists and CFR members who believe in and work for world government.

During the election Obama insisted he is a man of the people. His “change” mantra fooled millions. Obama said he would get rid of the corporate lobbyists but on the day after the election (only hand-picked contenders like Obama and John McCain were allowed to participate) he gathered together K Street insiders behind closed doors for a question and answer session (translation: corporations gave Obama his marching orders).

Obama said he would bring home the troops and put an end to torture. He said he would close Gitmo. Instead he expanded the number of troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. He invaded Pakistan and killed countless civilians. He ordered a “surge” (in the killing of civilians) in Afghanistan. Obama promised to put an end to the practice of issuing executive orders but continued the practice of ignoring the will of Congress. In fact, he signed one the day after taking office. He left untouched illegal and unconstitutional government surveillance of the people. Obama and Congress left the Patriot Act in place. Obama continued the Bush legacy (as Bush continued the legacy of his predecessors). He added to this noxious legacy by cranking up the national debt (owned to bankers) to a historically unsustainable and stratospheric level. He marshaled a “health care” bill that will intrude at gunpoint on the privacy and medical decisions of every single American.

But we are not expected to get angry about any of this. We are expected to sit down and shut up. Obama wants us to “tone down the rhetoric.” Instead of taking to the streets and protesting against tyranny, we are expected to attend government orchestrated town hall meetings where questions for bureaucrats are submitted in advance and vetted by officialdom.

Obama’s hoop shooting propaganda stunt with corporate media crown jewel CBS will not convince those of us angry about authoritarian government shredding the Constitution and trampling the Bill of Rights and expanding government power at every turn to sit down and shut up.

The outrage will continue. Both Democrats and Republicans will feel the wrath come the midterm elections — that is if there will be elections in November. Never underestimate the will of tyrants and their minions and executioners to frustrate the will of the people.

Finally, Obama is not a Nazi or a Socialist. It does not take a rocket scientist to figure out what he really is — a cigar store Indian for the ruling elite and the bankers. Obama is a front man who does the bidding for our globalist rulers. He is the public relations spokesman for international banks and transnational corporations. Obama’s job is to shoot hoops and look confident and come off as if he is in control while the real controllers pull the strings from behind the curtain.