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Gary McKinnon extradition decision delayed until October 2012 because of Olympics !!

Computer hacker must wait because of home secretary's 'all-consuming involvement in Olympic security'


The home secretary, Theresa May, has delayed until October any announcement on whether to extradite the computer hacker Gary McKinnon to the US

Home Office lawyers told the high court in London on Tuesday that the delay was needed because of May's "all-consuming involvement in the Olympic security" and her preference to announce the final decision when parliament was sitting.

Two high court judges said a hearing for a full judicial review of that decision would be "pencilled in" for late November. The judicial review hearing could be unusual in that medical experts may be called to give oral evidence in court.

Janis Sharp, his mother, said the further delay was "morally wrong" as McKinnon, 46, could not cope any longer after a 10-year campaign against his extradition. "She should have a little bit of compassion and make a decision now. It is absolutely ruining everybody's life. She could make a decision before the Olympics."

Sharp said he had been recently examined by four leading psychiatric experts: "The evidence is there. He is unfit for trial and a considerable suicide risk. It is wrong. It is morally wrong."

A Home Office spokesman said: "This is a complex case, in a complex area of the law, and a large amount of material has been submitted, some of it relatively recently. The home secretary needs to consider all the material carefully before making a decision."

A spokesman for Liberty, the human rights campaign, said: "Gary McKinnon's ordeal has gone on for 10 years and taught Britain how vulnerable everyone is to being dragged across the Atlantic when justice could be better done here at home. "This decision cannot be passed to yet another expert. We need the home secretary to exercise compassion and parliament to put a little common sense back into the Extradition Act."

The court heard that McKinnon's family had declined the home secretary's personal request for a further medical examination.

May is reported to be "personally concerned" that McKinnon, who has Asperger's syndrome, has not been examined by a Home Office-appointed medical assessor to determine whether there is a risk of suicide if he is extradited.

McKinnon, from north London, could face up to 60 years in jail if he is convicted in a US court. He has admitted hacking into US military computers but says he was looking for evidence of UFOs.

The deadline for his family's response to the request for a medical examination passed on 19 July.

McKinnon's mother said last week he had "no choice" but to refuse because the expert the Home Office had named to carry out the examination, Prof Thomas Fahy, had no experience of Asperger's syndrome. "It is not a refusal: he had no choice. It is an impossibility because the assessment they want him to have is by someone who has no experience and wouldn't be able to diagnose his suicide risk," Sharp told BBC Three Counties Radio.

McKinnon had three medical examinations in April by three experts in Asperger's and suicidal risk: Prof Simon Baron Cohen, Prof Jeremy Turk and Dr Jan Vermeulen. They concluded he was at extreme risk of suicide if extradited, and that he was unfit for trial.

At the last high court hearing, on 5 July, the Home Office said May was "close" to making a decision on the case. The judges heard that the view of two psychiatric experts – Fahy and Prof Declan Murphy – was that the risk of suicide was "moderate".

But Vermeulen asserted for the first time that McKinnon was unfit to stand trial. Counsel for the home secretary said there was lack of supporting evidence for that view, but a fresh examination could lead to a resolution of the differing views.

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Makes me laugh that they're still trying to get a man who broke into a system that had no security in the first place. It's like leaving your door open and anybody is allowed to go in, its when they break to a in to a building that they have broken the law. It should work the same for a computer.


Gary MaCkinnons Appeal against extradition due ..Tommorrow Tue 16th Oct 2012

Gary McKinnons life will be decided tomorrow.

BACK IN 2010 the coalition said they would look into the unfair extradition case & treaty..

Gary McKinnon Extradition. Will Nick Clegg and coalition go back on their word?

Uploaded by selfdeluded on 14 Jul 2010
The extradition proceedings against Gary McKinnon have been halted for the time being. Nick Clegg was one of the most vocal opponents against the McKinnon extradition, along with other prominent politicians from the coalition. But will U.S. pressure be too much? Hopefully not. The new government have a serious commitment to overhauling the current UK/US Extradition Act.


Published on 15 Oct 2012 by RussiaToday
He claims he was just looking for UFO's, but could now face 60 years in a U.S. prison.

For almost a decade Washington has been demanding the extradition of the autistic UK hacker Gary McKinnon under a treaty designed to get hold of terrorists.

A final decision's expected on Tuesday, but as Laura Smith reports, London could still step in.


Published on 14 Oct 2012 by SooperNews
Gary McKinnon, a British computer hacker who has been fighting a ten-year battle against extradition to the United States is set to learn his fate. McKinnon was a Scottish systems administrator when he found himself labeled as the biggest military computer hacker of all time by the United States. He was accused of hacking into computers at the Pentagon and NASA. The Home Secretary will tell parliament whether the government accepts medical reports suggesting McKinnon, who suffers from Aspergers and is on the Autism specturm, would be a risk to himself if he was sent for trial in the US. Al Jazeera's Peter Sharp reports from London.


Published on 15 Oct 2012 by sandyvideoz

Gary McKinnon's mother on US extradition decision.A computer hacker from north London will find out in the next 48 hours if he will to be extradited to the United States.


McKinnon extradition fight 'cruel'


Gary McKinnon will find out on Tuesday if he will be reprieved from extradition to the US

Computer hacker Gary McKinnon's 10-year battle against extradition to the United States has been like "waterboarding of the mind", his mother has said.

Janis Sharp said the ups and downs of his fight were "so cruel" as she desperately hopes Home Secretary Theresa May blocks the extradition and ends his pain on Tuesday. McKinnon, who suffers from Asperger syndrome, admits hacking into US military computers but claims he was looking for evidence of UFOs.

Ms Sharp said: "It's like waterboarding of the mind - you're elated you're down, it's so cruel. I'm still scared and will be waking up at 3am tomorrow."

She did however admit that a Home Office report saying McKinnon was very likely to attempt to kill himself if extradited, along with a US defence expert's comments that hackers should be recruited rather than prosecuted, had raised her hopes.

Ms Sharp added: "It makes me optimistic, but nevertheless I'm still scared, we've had so many ups and downs."

So many, she said, that it had been "like waterboarding of the mind", a simulated drowning technique which became notorious after its use by CIA interrogators on Guantanamo Bay terror suspects.


Prime Minister David Cameron has raised McKinnon's case with US President Barack Obama twice "and each time I thought we were nearly home and dry but nothing happens", Ms Sharp said.

"I'm more optimistic now. I don't see how they could say that in evidence and then extradite. It's quite a change to how it was previously."

Both Mr Cameron and his deputy, Nick Clegg, have previously publicly condemned plans to send McKinnon to the US.

"People like this would not use Gary's case as a key part of an election campaign and then leave him for two-and-a-half years and then throw him to the wolves," Ms Sharp added.

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Gary Mc Kinnons Extradition Refused ....HURRAY !!

Gary Mc Kinnons Extradition Refused!!


16 October 2012 Last updated at 12:43 Share this pageEmail Print Share this page

British computer hacker Gary McKinnon will not be extradited to the US, Home Secretary Theresa May has announced.

Mr McKinnon, 46, who admits accessing US government computers but claims he was looking for evidence of UFOs, has been fighting extradition since 2002.

Mrs May said the sole basis for the decision was Mr McKinnon's human rights and she blocked the extradition order.

Mr McKinnon, who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, faced 60 years in jail if convicted in the US.

Its now upto the Attourney General in the UK to decide whether he should be tried here in the UK.

Also there was cheers in the House of Commons when Teresea May anounced her decision ....


BBC web page update...

16 October 2012

British computer hacker Gary McKinnon will not be extradited to the US, Home Secretary Theresa May has announced.

Mr McKinnon, 46, who admits accessing US government computers but claims he was looking for evidence of UFOs, has been fighting extradition since 2002.

The home secretary told MPs there was no doubt Mr McKinnon was "seriously ill" and the extradition warrant against him should be withdrawn.

Mrs May said the sole issue she had to consider was his human rights.

She said it was now for the Director of Public Prosecutions, Keir Starmer QC, to decide whether he should face trial in the UK.

Mrs May also said measures would be taken to enable a UK court to decide whether a person should stand trial in the UK or abroad - a so-called forum bar.

It would be designed to ensure extradition cases did not fall foul of "delays and satellite litigation", she said.

Mr McKinnon, who has been diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome, faced 60 years in jail if convicted in the US.

His MP, David Burrowes, who had threatened to resign as a parliamentary aide if Mr McKinnon was extradited, welcomed the decision.

Mr Burrowes tweeted: "Compassion and pre-election promises delivered today."

BBC legal correspondent Clive Coleman said it was a dramatic decision - the first time a home secretary had stepped in to block an extradition under the current treaty with the US.

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Tribute to UFO Hacker Gary Mckinnon October 16, 2012 Extradition to US Blocked!

Gary McKinnon extradition to US blocked by Theresa May:

Gary McKinnon has won his 10-year battle against extradition to the US after Home Secretary Theresa May stepped in to halt proceedings.

Self-confessed computer hacker from north London cannot be sent to the US to face trial due to fears for his health, Mrs May told the Commons.

She also announced a shake-up for the UK's extradition arrangements, introducing a so-called forum bar which will allow a UK court to decide if a trial should be brought here instead.

Mr McKinnon suffers from Asperger's syndrome - a high-functioning form of autism, admits hacking into US military computers but claims he was looking for evidence of UFOs.

46-year-old could have faced up to 60 years in prison in America if convicted.
Mrs May has taken the highly unusual step of blocking the application after Home Office medical evidence found he was very likely to attempt suicide if he was extradited.
She told MPs: "Mr McKinnon is accused of serious crimes but there is also no doubt that he is seriously ill. He has Asperger's syndrome, and suffers from depressive illness.
"The legal question before me is now whether the extent of that illness is sufficient to preclude extradition.

"After careful consideration of all of the relevant material, I have concluded that Mr McKinnon's extradition would give rise to such a high risk of him ending his life that a decision to extradite would be incompatible with Mr McKinnon's human rights.
"I have therefore withdrawn the extradition order against Mr McKinnon. It will now be for the Director of Public Prosecutions to decide whether Mr McKinnon has a case to answer in a UK court."

Mmother Janis Sharp said: "Thank you Theresa May from the bottom of my heart - I always knew you had the strength and courage to do the right thing."

London mayor Boris Johnson said: "At last, justice"

"To extradite a man diagnosed with Asperger syndrome to America for trial would have been extraordinarily cruel and inhumane. I applaud the Government's stance."
Mr McKinnon was arrested in 2002 and then again in 2005 before an order for his extradition was made in July 2006 under the 2003 Extradition Act.

That triggered three successive applications for judicial review, questions about the fairness of the UK-US extradition treaty, which critics claim is "one-sided".
Prime Minister David Cameron & Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg had both publicly condemned plans to send Mr McKinnon to the US.

Gary McKinnon has been living under the threat of extradition and prosecution in the US for more than 10 years.

2001-2002 Between February 1 2001 and March 19 2002, the Glasgow-born computer expert allegedly hacks into 97 US government computers from his home in north London.

He is accused of leaving 300 computers at US Naval Weapons Station Earle in New Jersey unusable immediately after the September 11 2001 terror attacks on America.

US prosecutors also allege he deleted files which shut down the US army's military district of Washington DC network of more than 2,000 computers for 24 hours.

Mr McKinnon later denies causing any damage and says he was only looking for files that would prove the existence of UFOs.

All this he did using a Dial Up internet link. He must be some sort of genius

CHICAGO Change the World sung by Chrissie Hynde David Gilmour Bob Geldof and Gary McKinnon. This is a song chosen by Janis Sharp gary's mom as a plea to Barack Obama to Raise awareness of Gary's plight and to raise money for Aspergers/Autism causes. Gary is a UFO enthusiast with Aspergers/autism who is wanted by the US and is facing 60years in prison if they extradite him using the one sided treaty where America does not need to show any evidence.

David Gilmour and Chrissie Hynde have joined Bob Geldof and Gary McKinnon to sing the Graham Nash song Chicago Change the World to help bring Gary's plight to the ears of Barack Obama.


British Hacker found evidence of 'alien spacecraft' & 'non-terrestrial officials'

British Hacker found evidence of 'alien spacecraft' & 'non-terrestrial officials' - via Fox News

This is a big story!!!

Kerry Cassidy interviewed Gary McKinnon here incase the first post is dead!


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New, Positive update regarding Gary McKinnon

Just more good new for Gary McKinnon

No further legal action will be taken in Britain against the computer hacker Gary McKinnon, the police and Crown Prosecution Service have announced.

The decision comes three months after the government moved to block his extradition to the United States (video) on human rights grounds.

A joint panel of the police and the CPS advised there should be no attempt to launch a new criminal investigation into McKinnon – accused in an American court of committing "the biggest military computer hack of all time" – and that advice has been accepted.

McKinnon's mother, Janis Sharp, said: "I feel fantastic, it's just wonderful. The next thing I would like to get, impossible though it seems, would be a pardon from President Obama.


and here:

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A pardon would be nice. But now.... who is going to ask the tough questions... what was it that he discovered about a " Space Command and just how much has NASA hidden from the taxpaying public for all of these years. Did you notice how the thrust of the conversations veered away from that subject.... there has been a ten year delay.

"A joint panel of the police and the CPS advised there should be no attempt to launch a new criminal investigation into McKinnon – accused in an American court of committing "the biggest military computer hack of all time" – and that advice has been accepted."

Isn't that tidy.


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