Quantum Leap Technology
Monday, March 16, 2009

Editors Note: A while back we put the video message from Steve Rother already on the site. Here is the written translation of the message so that everybody can read more quietly.

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Greetings from Home,

Beloved creators of Heaven on Earth. You have this concept come closer than you ever imagined. Your dreams are about to arrive in many ways. We tell you that we are in what you call a crisis, but no crisis is ...

It is the natural evolution cycle where you have to make. We have already said that we want to talk about an unusual event on 21 and July 22 will take place. It is not the right time or time to reflect, as people are constantly changing. Permits us to explain what is happening on the basis of concepts which we have spoken, so that you understand this cosmic event.

People now move in an incredible pace. This caused many difficulties on several levels. The biggest challenge on Earth is that the interval in time, that you for your thoughts were right on disappearing! Because you, every one of you, its creators, manifest your mind is where you are ...

Delivered by the fear that perhaps in the hearts of men lies the biggest challenge in this phase of your evolution. Your creative capabilities are increasing. However you create attachment to the old energy of light, dark and polarity also a negative situation, because you are now easier than ever to create your biggest fears.

This happens wherever people are not aware of their own forces, and it will be a critical part of what's on those two days will happen. There is a dimension, which was quite unusual at this planet. It is a measure determining the frequency of collective humanity for a specific reason.

Quantum Leap Technology on 21 and July 22, 2009.

We have often talked about the balance between technology and spiritual evolution. The technological level on your planet is determined by the collective frequency of all people on Earth.

It is more common that new technology literally was planted on Earth by other life forms. Although it was usually done with the honest intention to help humanity evolve, so never took off. It worked with other life forms, for you did nothing.

It did not work for the simple reason that the collective frequency of mankind is not high enough to support that technology. There is this year a relatively high technological quantum leap to Earth on 21 and 22 July.

If the collective frequency is high enough to support it, it will immediately maintain and grow.

You remember you remember how life was without computers, just so long ago? The control computer was a huge step, which in some extent, impact on virtually all aspects of daily life.

The next step would be 12 times stronger than the last. Not only will computers change, the collective thoughts of humanity would quickly become a reality.

Some ideas were many years in the collective thought to be activated. These technologies were never realized because the collective frequency of mankind is not high enough to support. We will tease you a bit with one of the many things that can occur as a result of your evolution.

Technology and Transport.

Star Trek was a television series years ago. Currently, many technologies that program manifest on Earth. A technique, however, who ever received, was the transport of live, human biological material. It was a 'Transporter' said.

That is you are waiting, as the number of the collective vibration of humanity is high enough to support it. Do you understand how fast that one of the main challenges facing humanity is faced with change? How fast you will be able to Mother Earth to help with its regeneration process, with its birth process.

If this new technology keeps on Earth will very quickly change. It is no secret that, when this technique in this time / space is anchored, many will be there to fight because it seems too good to be true. There are many companies and governments that have invested heavily in oil, which are not happy with this development, and technology will seek to prevent or hide ...

Understand the changes that you are waiting for loved ones. These are things on this planet have caused many wars, but this time do not have to go. There is more communication on Earth now than ever because of the technical progress. We use your technology in this appropriate time to reach your hearts and that is beautiful because you have created.

And if we do not save?

What if we do not save? Well, that's simple. The new technology will always be sown, just as long as the frequency of collective humanity is ready. On 21 and 22 July, 2009 will for the first time on this planet can be downloaded as part of the veil is removed. So this may play a new technique the best time to hold and develop.

Each time you to the SF television series or movies looked and thought how wonderful it would be that someone is able to suddenly disappear and appear again somewhere else, you have planted the seeds of what is about to sprout.

It was fantastic to be observed. Whenever you thought how nice that would be sent to you as a creative mind! When the collective frequency reached a level that is high enough to support it, it will manifest. This energy is about to happen.

For the first time this technology by the collective frequency of mankind supported.

Please understand that the human Transporter one of the techniques that will pop up very quickly. We use the 'Transporter' as an example because you can see how such a technique the face of the Earth in an almost instant change

It is for us one of the easiest techniques to describe, because you already have many years of dreaming. Many of you were like children on Earth to know that you could carry without machines, but it was not for each other as the teacher looked, or if you had someone show ...

These are deep memories of your own capabilities, and the collective frequency is high enough, the planet is a huge leap.

Have no fear of those technologies, because they can rescue mean for the Earth and the human race.

If you think this technology will make life easier, you wrong you. Humanity will have more choices than ever, but even that can be seen as a problem, because many of you will this time be called into action.

Many people will come to you because they are stuck, not to burn, even though a New World awaits them. Many of you know how people can help in this time of great change. It will be one of the most common discomfort at the New Earth, and many will even before the first signs already experienced.

Frequency Collective.

We are always on the 'Collective Frequency', let us just clarify it. There was a cosmic event in the days of Lemuria occurred. Purely from demand created many Lemuria a separation between humanity and souls that have never been on this planet occurred.

It did not work as they had thought. Instead of helping humanity to the next level ascenderen, the separation caused the downfall of Atlantis. In the days immediately after that tragedy were many collective decisions to certain technologies to hide the human race, because they could quite easily be abused.

There was a collective decision taken because of these events. The separation caused, as usual, many problems. After the fall of Atlantis the people decided not to opt for secession. This time will the resurrection take place only when the frequency of the lowest man is high enough to ascenderen.

This time everyone or anyone. That is your decision, not ours! You are on the planet of free choice, but it was your choice and that choice is still standing today.

What can you do?

See if you are in the time between now and the technological quantum leap ways to discover who has to achieve with your smile, your heart and your unconditional love.

Rating this time no one's path of action. Forgiveness will during this time one of the main instruments on Earth. Look how every human being around you can authenticate, regardless of the relationship you have with them and without taking account of the history you share with them the status they have.

It is now time to display your hand and you would also inform you on this planet let shine. Provides support and endorsement to your environment and give special attention to those 'cases', and find it difficult to resume the game ... So will you light at the end of the tunnel.

You'll never know when you make great connections. It is easy to see someone's life and think that they are low. However you say it is not possible zielspad anyone to see and the life lessons they already owned them. You should go to a hidden master can see and not know until you do something for them in any way to help.

Some of you have the thought: "Who am I when I get to go home? Why would anyone live my prices? I have not won the Nobel Prize, and I created no peace on Earth. "You never know ... It would be the alien could be you in the long go gave a smile, which is capable of the rest of the world to achieve and that has not been able to do before you activate him.

It is now time you power as conscious creators on this planet to deal with, it's time to realize that you have an activated Human Angel. You are the arms, legs and the mouth of God. You reflect that to the people through your laughter and joy, and the smile of a ghost who pretends to be human. That makes the difference for this technology to anchor.

The Evolution of Humanity & Earth.

There are more options you have to wait. There are some incredible events in the pipeline for humanity and the Earth to vote for what you are waiting.

The last five years on Earth, there was a slowdown in technology, and is now at large and grand resolved. It will in many areas, so please fasten seat belt. You are ready for the evolution of the Earth and of humanity to go. You have asked, you have created and we have only one answer: "And so it is."

It makes us glad to see you two power play. Once you put aside the veil, you begin to see who you really are. That means for us more than you'll ever know, because you have your sacred contracts with us as satisfied. It does not mean that you should leave. It means that you are activated as a conscious creator and a Human Angel. You have a role on Earth, and it is time for everyone to responsibility for your energy and your happiness on your own to take.

Begin to find what you're doing smile, and do it as often as you can. Touch others as often as you can, because it is a gift of humanity. Despite all the power of Heaven, we can not touch you as you touch each other with compassion, with reassurance and hope. It will be very large scale, so work with all humanity.

Work with each portion of each heart, because the lowest frequency on the planet will determine whether the technology is durable. There is still enough time. You have only one day to do it, and you have so much.

Celebrate Light.

21 and July 22, 2009 are days to celebrate. We will not tell you whether you succeed, because that gives us the opportunity to address your power, and not what we want.

You'll know, and if not, then trust that you will soon know. The new technology will regularly until it is downloaded.

There are many starting points are too many to mention. Although not a formal calibration, it is a collective dimension of the universal frequency of humanity. You may be very proud, because the cart tractors of you have already done incredible work on Earth. If you could only show what you've already achieved an individual basis, would you never to doubt yourself.

No more time.

That time of conscious awareness creation on Earth is almost gone. Only here and there is something for you own safety, because it was that you created your biggest fears. It gave you the chance to say: "Oh you know, I remember me again."

Now it will happen as soon as you no longer have time for you to remember. The veil disappears. You have requested. Yes, it will create confusion on Earth. You have designed. Look what is happening, because it all leads to something higher and better in the next five years. In those five years the planet is experiencing a huge evolutionary process. That has already begun.

The clock is ticking, but we tell you that if you touch another soul, the à la minute makes a huge difference on this planet. Enjoy the ride, loved. You have created a very nice path to walk, not just for collective humanity you follow, but for you to find your passion and fun things to experience.

This nature of the spirit in the physical vehicle, and it is now more than ever possible. Enjoy it but. It will be a great joy to see what is on the horizon. It is entirely your creation. Be aware that your god, and that we are very proud of you. The greatest honor we give you these messages. It is our sacred contract to be here for the case that humanity wakes up, and here you are! Welcome Home loved.

You now have the chance to do it again. The days of Lemuria and Atlantis are back here, and you are here to restore to the different approach to this time. Welcome Home. We ask you to treat each other with respect. Food display at every opportunity and play well together.


The group.

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