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On December 27, 2012, Dr. Shibi Greenfield in his report titled ‘Israel PR 2012: Myth and Reality’, prepared for Israeli think tank, Molad, had concluded: “Israeli public examination in light of international public diplomacy measures reveals that – that contrary to his image, it’s array of sophisticated and well-coordinated. Therefore, you don’t blame Israel’s diplomatic difficulties in marketing problem, but the product – Israeli policy itself“.

Mark Leonard, a Zionist journalist and blogger, wrote on November 21, 2012: “Every nation is entitled to defend itself. But the problem with these repeated military operations (against Hamas and Hizballh) is that they create a growing pool of anti-Israel resentment in the neighborhood while eroding Israel’s international standing“.

It’s heartening to learn that more and more Israeli think tanks are accepting the fact that Israeli Hasbara (propaganda) has lost its credibility outside the Zionist crowed. Even with a force of over 100,000 Israel Hasbara Committee employees supported by six Jewish families controlling 96% of the world mainstream media – The Zionist regime is being considered as the top threat to world peace by various polls taken by PEW, BBC, Brookings Institute, Zogby poll, etc.

In 2010, Tel Aviv-based security and socioeconomic think tank Reut Institute in its report, titled ‘Eroding Israel’s Legitimacy in the International Arena’, had painted a similar gloomy picture of Israeli Hasbara performance.

Russian-American Zionist Jewish writer and marketing expert, Gary Wexler, wrote at Jewish daily Forward: “It has become clear that the world doesn’t care about Israel’s wines, its Bauhaus architecture, its fashion, its alluring women, its sexy gay men, its beaches, its ballet or its hummus. The world, its media and its university campuses are riveted upon Israel’s relationship with the Palestinians as well as the state of its democracy“.

Paul R. Pillar, former CIA official wrote on January 2: “With the United States just as with Israel, the sources of negative feelings abroad are policies, not the quality of efforts to sell the policies. People feel most strongly not about a government’s advertisements and messages but about its actions—specifically, actions that affect directly their lives or the lives of people with whom they identify, or that link the government to other governments that take actions that affect those lives. The actions range from drone strikes to military occupations to the abetting of Israeli policies in occupied territories. If there is no change in such things, don’t blame the salesmanship“.

A poll taken by Zogby Research Services among Palestinians living in the United states reported last month that Palestinian want armed state and no deal on Jerusalem – something the Zionist regime will never allow along its border. The only sensible, peaceful and everlasting solution to Israel-Palestine conflict is a democratic one-state Palestine, based on ‘one-vote- one person’ with equal rights for all its citizen, dismantling of racist Zionist political parties and Israel Occupation Force (IOF), right of return for the natives and suitable compensations for their loss of properties to the Jew settlers – and of course the dismantling of country’s nuclear arsenal. All those racist Jews, who don’t want to live in peace with the natives – they should be allowed to migrate back to their ancestral lands – Germany, Russia, Poland, France, the UK, the US, etc. – as many White settlers did in South Africa, Algeria and India. In fact, Professor Edward Said had predicted long time ago that the great majority of Israeli Jews would rather prefer to live under Muslim rule in Palestine than going back to their ancestral western homeland where they know anti-Semitism would be waiting for them. Read the rest here.

Report: Israel sinks in world opinion | Rehmat's World

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Simply because the Jewish State has many here who are from that homeland or consider themselves historically part of Israel....and they are a powerful lobby. Isn't that sort of the way things work?
I think on the other hand we have managed to get into some wars that they had not much to do with....Even when we " involved ourselves" in World War II...( on both fronts).....Ask yourself.... Did the Jews instigate that?

I am not much of a historian but I believe at the time they didn't have much of a homeland....and once that became available to them..( was it 1947?) .. wouldn't you say that it was worth protecting? after the experiences some of them ( millions actually) had experienced..... if you had been put through that experience as a people.... wouldn't your own homeland be worth almost anything to protect? And now if they have the power to influence other nations for their own protection... is that unreasonable?

Just my random thoughts here....

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Point taken.... more properly called the State of Israel.... but I do think that we are just noting semantics here......If I had referred to the United States of America as a " melting pot of various religious and ethnic backgrounds.... that would not have been correct naming a place... the name is important to uphold.... but both the "Jewish State" could be considered the truth at the time.... Just as " melting pot" might have been appropriate for us then too? Except we don't really melt all that well and thats a good thing.... there has to be a better description...... but I hope that you see my point here.

If the BBC is " Jewish controlled" what other agencys then do you think are " controlled" in the same way?

And if that is true why wouldn't they be protective of the " State of Israel?" I ask because obviously I do not know very much about the politics of this situation. Linda