Reuters staff lose media credentials in Tehran for lying


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On Thursday, Iran’s Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance ordered the staff of Reuters in Tehran to turn their media credentials for publishing an anti-Iran video of a women martial arts club with sensational headline; “Thousands of female Ninjas train as Iran assassins” – giving an impression to the paranoid westerners that these female Ninjas are trained to attack Jewish and western targets around the world. When the martial arts club complained to the Reuters staff in Tehran – they revised story’s headline to read “Three thousand women Ninjas trained in Iran“. Watch the video below.

“We acknowledge this error occurred and regard it as a very serious matter. It was promptly corrected the same day it came to our attention,” said Reuters’ Jewish editor in chief, Stephen J. Adler.

On Wednesday Iran’s state television reported that the female Ninjas sued Reuters for defamation, claiming the news agency depicted them as assassins being trained to “kill any possible foreign invaders.”

They have claimed that a Reuters journalist asked them what they would do if their country came under attack and took advantage of their patriotic response to call them assassins.

“The lady from Reuters asked me only one question which had a very obvious answer. I believe that anyone anywhere in the world would defend his country if it were attacked – but she twisted our words to make us look bad and described us as assassins in the headline of her story,” Khatereh Jalilzadeh, one of the ninjas, told Press TV.

“We are taking legal action because the ladies that train in Ninjutsu first and foremost enjoy it as a sport. It’s about working out and staying fit. Reuters has blatantly lied about us,” she added.

The Reuters news agency was established in London in 1851 by a German-born British Jew, Paul Julius Freiherr von Reuters (d. 1899). His father Samuel Levi Josaphat was a Jewish rabbi. On April 17, 2008 – Thomson Corporation took control of the Reuters. Thomson Corporation was founded by Roy Thomson in 1934 in Ontario (Canada). Now Thomson Reuters is headed by David Kenneth Roy Thomson (b. 1957) – the richest person among Canada’s 40 billionaires. The Thomson Reuters is worth more than Can.$30 billion.

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