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On February 17, 2012 – Russian President Dmitry Medvedev bestowed the Pushkin medal – named after Russia’s national poet – on Ali Okla Orsan at a grand ceremony in Moscow. The said award is to recognize foreigners who worked to promote relations with Russia.

The award has angered many American Jewish groups supporting anti-government rebels in Syria who are killing both civilians and security forces to established a pro-Israel regime in Damascus.

The international Jewish policeman, Abraham Foxman, national director has slammed Russian President for awarding to a Israel-hating Muslim poet.

In a letter to the President Medvedev, ADL said that Russia should rescind the award immediately.

Abe Foxman’s problem with Ali Okla Orsan is that Orsan agrees with American Jewish professor Alan Sabrosky that Israel did 9/11 and Jewish elites control American government. Abe Foxman also blames Orsan for comparing the Zionist entity with British novelist Shakespear’s Shylock Jewish character: “The covetous, racist and hated Jew Shylock who cut the flesh from Antonio’s chest with the knife of hatred, invades you with his money, his modern airplanes, his missiles and his nuclear bombs”.

Orsan who is the former chairman and current advisor of the Arab Writers Union of Syria – accepted the award with gratitude and praised Russia for its opposition to attempts to “meddle in the internal affairs of other states and people in the context of a unipolar world”.

Speaking to AFP in Damascus, Orsan criticized the opposition fighting Assad’s regime but vehemently denied that he had ever praised the September 11 attacks.

“The militarisation of the opposition will take Syria towards civil war and destruction and bring the country unbearable consequences. If we are at war for years on end we shall lose everything.”

But he added: “While the Americans had taken up very bad positions, we stand in solidarity with the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks.”

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