Should my daughter have the prick?
Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Am I a good parent if I let my daughter vaccinated against cervical cancer? Or not?

Some 400,000 Dutch girls between 12 and 16, the first puncture being offered to protect against cervical cancer. There is much fuss. There are also many unanswered questions.

The sting does not only some of the girls, but also their parents or carers. Children between 12 and 16 years old have a say in medical decisions, but ultimately the parents bear primary responsibility. The lamprey thus the question: am I a good parent when my daughter leaves prick them? Or I do not care for her?

Girls in this age are on the threshold of childhood. They are easy to influence. This dependence requires a responsible balance between parents and carers, with the interest of the girls first. But what about the freedom of the parents? How does the government for its citizens?

An ethical concern glasses immediately that the government pressure to participate. That pressure including an appeal to deep-seated concern instincts. Every father wants a healthy life for his child. Every mother wants her daughter to protect, especially against cancer. The campaign for 'the prick' does a great appeal to fears of people, while cervical cancer in the sixteenth position of women which types of cancer death. And maybe very Hollands everyone is easy to offer a reliable agency like the government still pays. Especially if it is based on a report by the Health Council.

A good parent is obviously a smart parent, which directly affect his child vaccinated. But there is also a disturbing side to the story. The report of the Health appears not so solid. Of the seven criteria that the Board itself has advice for people with vaccination (disease burden, effectiveness, safety, individual and collective acceptability, effectiveness and priority) to five criteria are not met or insufficiently. Thus, the effectiveness quite uncertain, there is little research on the age group that is vaccinated, and other prevention programs (colon cancer) is much more urgent and cost effective. See the Dutch journal for medicine. This irrespective of alternative ways to cancer mortality reduction.

Why, then, this rapid and costly operation? Decisive for the Health Council was that now for the first time a preventive medicinal appears to be.

That for a condition in which 200 women per year die in an ineffective way tens of millions per year out shows that there is a certain way are dealt with vulnerability and mortality. Why so much money to so few people paid, not to many chronically ill and very elderly seem less interesting? Or is that precisely because the latter group does not honor can be achieved? Maybe it's even worse.

Care Ethics is sensitive to power and dependence. Pharmacists are keen to see the Netherlands on the bridge to get. They have money and power. A large proportion of scientists in the commission of the Health Council has links with industry, because co-finances scientific research.

But pharmacists give up 3 to 4 times as much money on marketing as on research. Among other sites as beschermjedochter.nl to sponge and Dutch as Angela Great Houses cart their efforts. Percolates as the collective fear of cervical cancer through many cracks in our society. And there are people who deserve to thick.

My daughter gets a puncture or not? And if you're a good parent? If one thing is clear by the HPV vaccination is that it is not so easy to be a good parent at this time.

Blind trust in government or the media is not wise. Because the government (and pharmacists) may be the question: 'Do you want your daughter to protect against cancer? "From a critical perspective, the question just as well be like," Let your daughter participate in a weak, expensive national scientific experiment which sowed fear and created a false security that people die would be protected? "

A good parent in our time not only a caring parent, but also a well-informed parent.

Carlo Leget
associate professor of health ethics, University of Tilburg

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