Lady of Light

Lady of Light
March 28[SUP]th[/SUP] 2012

About our friend, The Sun

Important Message:

With all the reports of the solar flare storms recently, it is important to talk about the sun, what it is, and what it's doing.

The Science:

It is speculated that the sun is a giant gaseous ball which emanates heat and light. None of the scientists on this earth know what the sun is; they only speculate. The science they are taught is very limited and is based on someone's speculation from what the sun "looks like", therefore making the "knowledge" archaic.

The “sun”, as we know it, is based on magnetics and is not even hot; it is not a ball of burning gases, as many have come to believe. There are cultures living inside / on the sun. There is a massive magnetic field surrounding the sun and our Earth. The combination of these fields is what causes the warmth to seem like it's coming from the sun itself. The reason it's warmer when the sun is shining has everything to do with the magnetic fields and the location of them touching as the Earth spins to face and then not face the sun. The light works much the same way. Other planets work exactly the same way. This heat interface is not based on how close or far away the sun is to the planet. It is based on how large the magnetic field of the planet is vs. that of the sun and how they touch and if they touch. To think that just because a planet is closer to the sun is hotter or because the planet is farther away from the sun is cooler, is just preposterous.

The Breakdown:

The sun is our friend, not our enemy. By treating the sun as an enemy and blocking it from being a part of us, with our sunscreens and lotions, sunglasses and such, we harm ourselves. The sun is a natural disinfectant, not only on objects, but for our entire bodies, inside and out. It has cleansing properties beyond anything you can purchase at a pharmacy or any other store. Man-made is harmful and Natural (from nature) is helpful; this is a good guiding principle.

Solar flares are nothing to worry about. These are natural occurrences and should not be feared. These solar flares cannot and will not harm our bodies. The biggest worry is that they will knock out the earth's power grid. And so what if they do? So our electronics won't function anymore; so what? This WILL cause worldwide panic, but it's ok. The solar flare "SCARE" is made-up by the powers that be; these are just scare tactics on how bad things will be. Things will be ok. There is nothing to fear.
Very well put. Whoever you're channeling puts things in a very easy to read, easy to understand manner that is quite calming.