Truth feeder
During a meditation last night..I was shown a blue flame and told it was a portal. I was also shown a word.."Avanti"..bit did not understand the word.
I went to sleep, and in my dream...I was shown the "Staff of Amenti"
So I looked it up this morning..and lo and behold..there is the "blue flame" Very interesting stuff...enjoy :naughty:

Staff of Amenti (Blue Flame)

Staff or Blue Flame of Amenti: Earth's portions of Tara's morphogenetic Field (MF). stored in the Sphere of Amenti, allows portals to open; set in Amenti 35 million years ago.

Each planet receives its portion of the Taran morphogenetic field. Earth received its portion 25 million years ago, when the Halls of Amenti were constructed.

This pattern of energy/morphogenetic field had the appearance of a standing wave pattern, composed of fourth and fifth dimensional frequencies, and thus appearing as blue in color.

Visually, this standing wave pattern looks like an electric blue flame with a pale shade of green, several inches in height.
The Blue flame constitutes Earth’s portion of Tara’s morphogenetic field.
The souls on Earth can ascend out of the HU-1 incarnational cycles through the fifth dimension – Blue Flame – and continue their evolution through Tara.

(See: Flames)
The Blue Flame became known as the Staff of Amenti. Which is the item referred to in the Bible as the Staff of God, of the “rod and the staff.”
The rod represents the standing wave pattern within Earth’s core in dimensions 2, orange-gold in color, and composed of the frequency patterns of dimensions 1, 2 and 3.
The Blue Flame Staff of Amenti is composed of frequency patterns of dimensions 4, 5 and 6.
So the Blue Flame Staff of Amenti, represents the Key to the evolution of Earth, and the human lineage, and one of the keys to the evolution of the planets in your solar system, Tara and Gaia.

The Staff of Amenti is the gateway into Tara’s morphogenetic Field.
One can pass into the Halls of Amenti, but must pass through the Blue Flame in order to transmute form and appear on Tara.

The Sphere of Amenti and the Staff of Amenti (Blue Flame) which allows the Halls of Amenti to open into Tara (dimensions 4,5,6) is the way you must ascend to fulfill your evolutionary imprint as soul and return to your Creator/Creative Source.


What is the significance of the word “Amenti?”
• Amenti is a continent on planet Tara from which came the Guardians who helped
us create the Sphere to evolve down here.

What happened when the Sphere of Amenti was removed from the Earth’s core as a result of the Electric Wars?
• To remove it from Earth’s core certain codes were removed and things would not
manifest in the DNA anymore; therefore we could not assemble enough of our
required DNA to ascend, and Death began.

Anyway...this was a most unusual and I wanted
to share