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The Zionist regime is welknown for using Jewish women as kosher honeytraps for its espionage network – but it seem Israeli Mossad even uses birds and animals to spy over its neighboring countries in addition to its pilotless drones.

Yesterday, Sudanese media reported that Sudanese authorities captured a vulture with an Israeli Park Services GPS chips attached over the western Darfur region.

The vulture was on an espionage mission for the Tel Aviv regime, the media stated, adding that the bird had a leg band with labels that read in Hebrew, “Israel Nature Service” and “Hebrew University, Jerusalem.”

Ohad Hazofe, spokesman for Israel Nature and Park Authority denied the accusation stating that the bird was just tracked on its yearly migratory route from the Balkans, in order to assist Israeli ornithologists in their study of the birds.

Israel and American Jewish lobby groups had played a major role in the break-up of Sudan last year by carving a pro-Israel South Sudan entity. Hollywood actor George Clooney, with Jewish family roots, paid for a satellite surveillance of South Sudan in 2010. In October 2012, four Israeli jets bombed a military arms facility near Khartoum, claiming it’s manufacturing Iranian Fajr 5 long-range rockets for Gaza-ruling Hamas.

It’s not the first time, the Zionist regime has been caught for using animals for its espionage network against its neighboring countries. In 2010, Egyptian tourism authorities have blamed Israeli Mossad for terrorizing tourists through a string of vicious Sinai shark attacks.

In 2011, Saudi authorities had accused Israel for espionage after a griffon vulture was captured with spying equipment and a Tel Aviv University leg band.

In May 2012, Turkish authorities claimed the capture of a European bee-eater with an Israeli leg band.

Sudan nabs Israeli ‘spy vulture’ | Rehmat's World

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What about the miniaturized robot " hummingbirds" under development for years now by the CIA? I am surprised that one of them hasn't been caught yet but perhaps that would cause too much of a firestorm of diplomatic broohaha... They would probably just send the poor little disabled thing back to Langley in a minature pine box... marked..." return to sender?"

Someone with a sense of humor no doubt.