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On January 7, 2012 – Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir paid a surprise visit to post-Qaddafi Libya. He was received at Tripoli airport by Mustafa Abdel Jalil, the head of western-funded National Transition Council (NTC) and other members of the interin government.

Bashir, who never had good relation with the late Libyan leader Qaddafi, said the removal of Qaddafi was a blessing for Sudan. He also offered his help in disarming various foreign armed rebel groups still carrying-on daily killings.

“We have good experience in integrating insurgents and entering them into the armed forces or the police,” he said.

Sudanese Foreign Affairs Minister Ali Karti said that leaders of both countries agreed to form joint ministerial committee responsible for upgrading political and economic cooperation between the two countries.

US State Department spokeswoman, Zionist Jew Victoria Nuland has criticized NTC leaders for receiving Omar al-Bashir who is wanted by Zionist-controlled International Criminal Court (ICC).

Khortoum has blasted the US for its lifting arms sanctions against South Sudan. It’s aploy to sell billions of its deadly arms to African countries and fuel tribal conflicts as it did in Libya.

The Zionist-controlled administration in Washington is frustrated that its objectives for breaking of Muslim-majority oil-rich Sudan into South Sudan is still in limbo. Two-third of oil-fields are still under Chinese control; oil-pipe-line and Israel access to Nile is still under the Islamist-controlled Khortoum.

In the recent months, South Sudan has imploded in a growing mass insanity of ethnic violence and once again tens of thousands Sudanese have to flee for their lives the warning signs all point towards the US-Israel plan to destabilize Sudan having begun to hit its stride.

Currently, thousands of UN “peacekeepers” are pouring into South Sudan. These “peacekeepers” are almost entirely from next door Ethiopia and are part of an Ethiopian military carrying out a counterinsurgency/genocide in the Muslim-majority Ogaden in south east Ethiopia.

Thomas C. Mountain’s recent artcle entitled US Unmaking Sudan unwail the criminal Zionists’ plan against Muslims in Africa.

The USA can kill two birds with one stone by destabilizing South Sudan.

The first is by helping to instigate a series of ethnic bloodbaths in South Sudan, maybe ignite an outbreak of fighting between Sudan and South Sudan and under cover of which the Abeye oil fields, and the very vulnerable Abeye-Port Sudan pipeline will be attacked and damaged.

This will effectively end China’s most important energy development project in Africa.

Secondly, by cutting off Sudan’s oil supply the USA will put enormous pressure on the Sudanese government lead by President Omar Al Bashir.
With his oil revenues halted Pres. Bashir will find it very difficult to maintain the standard of living many of his people have come to expect and this could seriously destabilize the government.

In mid 2011 South Sudanese officials were reported to have said that the USA had told them they didn’t need oil money to survive, they could depend on western aid. A fore teller of things to come?

Whether this all comes to pass or not, the one thing clear for the world to see is that the western supported independence of South Sudan is turning into a nightmare for the people of the region. Little wonder when one finds out who is actually funding, and now arming, the armed forces in the country.

The one thing that should be expected is a continuing “crisis management” policy by the USA in South Sudan, as in create a crisis and then manage the murder and mayhem the better to exploit the wealth of the land, or if necessary, at least deny it to your enemy.

And maybe even see the end of the long western vilified Sudanese government lead by President Omar Al Bashir in the process.

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