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The armed Syrian opposition hosted lately Israeli Channel 2 on Syrian territories, and helped its reporter Itay Engel prepare a long report that included investigations, interviews, and footage shot in their camps and regions they took control over.

A Syrian opposition leader told the Israeli reporter that his only enemy was Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad, and that he would honor former Prime Minister Arial Sharon if he said he was against Al-Assad.

Moreover, as he indicated that he wished Sharon was on the Syrian opposition’s ranks in the fight against the Syrian Arab Army, the Israeli reporter said he chose to talk to these people to “learn about those who will take over power after Assad and how they view the Israelis”.

A pro-Israel regime change in Damascus has been a long dream of the anti-resistance Zionist mafia for years. In July 2011, an anti-Bashar Zionist conference was convened in Paris by French Jewish political activist Bernard-Henri Levy. Levy was a major source behind former French president Nicolas Sarkozy (born to a Jewish mother and a Catholic father) for the destruction of the “Jewel of Africa”, Libya last year.

US-Canadian war reporter and author, Eric Margolis, wrote on July 28, 2012: “The US, France, Turkey and Israel have all finalized plans for attacking Syria. The biggest winner in such a scenario would be Israel, as it was in the US war against Iraq. Sending Syria into turmoil would eliminate the most important supporter of the Palestinians resistance, cut off Hezbullah, leave it vulnerable to a final assault, isolate Iran, and cement Israel’s annexation of Syria’s Golan Heights.”

The Zionist regime wants to work against Assad regime behind the US-EU-AL cover as it’s not sure whether the West-sponsored SOC lead by Washington’s handpicked leader, Moaz al-Khatib, a former official of British Shell Oil group, will be able to bring fall of president Bashar al-Assad. Furthermore, Israelis are not much interested in a regime change as the new government, most probably, lead by Sunni Islamic Brotherhood – could turn out to be another Hamas. The Zionist regime wants a weaker and divided Syria – with no ties with Shia Hizballah and Iran.

Let us not forget Israel’s close ties with some leaders of the Zionist demonized Muslim Brotherhood. In 1982, Syrian Muslim Brotherhood lead a revolt against the secular Ba’athist socialist regime. Israel in this case had supported the Sunni rebels through its Christian Phalangist proxy in Lebanon.

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