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Canadian media (CTV News) reported on December 10 that Stephen Harper government has developed a contingency plan to help NATO invasion of Syria. However, it’s unlikely Harper will send CF-18 fighter jets over Syria as he did in Libya to enforce a no-fly zone or put combat forces on the ground. Canada’s cooperation will be limited to combating the possible usage of chemical by Syrian forces against the rebels (who cares?).

It’s interesting to note that while Washington, London and Paris have recognized the rebel umbrella group, the so-called “Syrian” Opposition Council (SOC) as the ”legal voice of Syrian people” - Harper government has not blessed the SOC as yet. Why? Canadian Jewish journalist and blogger, Eric Walberg, provides an answer to the question.

“The Canadian government has no foreign policy anymore, doing exactly as it is told by its Israeli advisers, so the reason for Harper’s coyness must be found there. Israel itself is in a quandary about Syria,” says Walberg. Read his article in full here.

The Zionist regime wants to work against Assad regime behind the US-EU-AL cover as it’s not sure whether the West-sponsored SOC lead by Washington’s handpicked leader, Moaz al-Khatib, a former official of British Shell Oil group, will be able to bring fall of president Bashar al-Assad. Furthermore, Israelis are not much interested in a regime change as the new government, most probably, lead by Sunni Islamic Brotherhood – could turn out to be another Hamas. The Zionist regime wants a weaker and divided Syria – with no ties with Shia Hizballah and Iran.

Let us not forget Israel’s close ties with some leaders of the Zionist demonized Muslim Brotherhood. In 1982, Syrian Muslim Brotherhood lead a revolt against the secular Ba’athist socialist regime. Israel in this case had supported the Sunni rebels through its Christian Phalangist proxy in Lebanon.

Marinko Babic, a Croatian-born Ph.D student at University of Trento (Italy) wrote in Israeli propaganda website, Geopolitical Monitor, on December 10, 2012 – that Israel’s current policy of wait and see is “prudent”. Because an open Israeli involvement in Syrian crisis will only bring more hatred toward Israel. “Israel needs to do, whatever it takes, via United States or otherwise, to prolong the crisis in Syria and support division. With an uncertain future between Egypt and Israel, Israel must neutralize its northern frontier as much as possible. This because chaos and division will make Syria too weak to face Israel directly or indirectly support Hizballah against Israel,” wrote Babic.

Last month, Canada was among the only three western nations which voted with Israel against Palestine Authority’s upgraded status at the United Nations. Stephen Harper government has boycotted every international event which hosted Iranian president Ahmadinejad under Israeli pressure. In Septembr 2012, Harper government broke Canada-Iran diplomatic relation in support of Israel.

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