(1) U.S. forces sent to Bosnia, not here in the USA to protect us.

(2) U.S. forces going to Zaire, further diminishing National Security.

(3) Gulf War Syndrome, decimating U.S. military.

(4) Gradual infiltration [known] of GERMAN military into the U.S. Like I say, the following might be only alarmist claptrap. Then again.... *caveat lector*. This means, "reader beware." In other words, it is up to the reader to form her/his own judgments as to the following. [End quoting] From: Stop All Federal Abuses Now! S.A.F.A.N. Internet Newsletter, No. 129, November 15, 1996 (Take note on how the New World Order is trying to incite civil war between British Columbia and French Quebec, Canada, and use this emergency as an excuse to activate unconstitutional executive orders in America.

This has not been the first attempt to create an "emergency" that would "justify" martial law in America, and if this one fails, then it will certainly NOT be the last attempt. I take this report very seriously, being that my own ancestors were Frenchmen who became British citizens and later immigrated to America. Just WHAT force would try to create a civil war between French Quebec, British Columbia and America? Could it be, just possibly, that same "force" which was responsible for killing hundreds of thousands of French, British and American allied soldiers during World War I and World War II? - Branton)


The following is most of the message printed in THE PROPHECY CLUB NEWSLETTER from Intelligence sources in Canada and New England, [quoting:] Preparations for the COMING INVASION OF AMERICA by Russian/NWO FORCES are progressing rapidly in Canada! As candidly admitted to me by many Canadians [including author and lecturer Grant Jeffery of FINAL WARNING and many other books explaining the coming New World Order takeover] Canada it totally sold out to the NWO and its heinous agenda of world domination. (Note: I would suggest that this statement is somewhat extreme. Certainly those ADVOCATES of a New World Order operating within certain executive levels of Canadian government are sold out to the agenda, but no more so than the advocates for the NWO operating within various executive levels of the AMERICAN government. It is obvious that the majority of Canadians AND Americans desire to maintain their national independence, and it is THESE who the advocates of the New World Order are apparently willing to sacrifice in the devastating civil wars that they have 'planned' for America and Canada. We must realize that just as there is an electorate AND a secret government within America, the same holds true with Canada as well. - Branton)

America has long been a thorn in the flesh of the NWO planners, because of our Christian heritage and its isolation from Europe. With little over three years left to move this Western Hemisphere into their NWO agenda by the year 2000, they are making rapid use of Canada's [NWO advocates'] willingness to betray America into their control. How is this taking place? Canada has opened her doors wide to NWO forces, including GERMAN, RUSSIAN AND CHINESE. As Grant Jeffery admitted to me personally one month ago, "we have MORE GERMAN MILITARY FORCES IN CANADA NOW THAN WE DO CANADIAN MILITARY FORCES [emphasis mine]!" Indeed, for next to Dease Lake, Canada, Germans have been handed a military air base for their use. They are actively practicing bombing and strafing runs for the coming Invasion of America...much as they are doing down at Holloman AFB, which has been permanently turned over to the Germans (in NEW MEXICO). The traitorous NWO elements within our own government are fully aware of the motives of these GERMAN NWO FORCES both in Canada and America and welcome their presence into the Western Hemisphere as part of the solution to subduing patriotic Americans who simply refuse to surrender national sovereignty to a foreign power. Russian and Chinese forces are also very active in Canada. They are "re-building and strengthening railroad tracks for the anticipated heavy use of railway transportation of incoming military personnel from the West Coast" [both Russian and Chinese forces] as well as transporting military vehicles and armaments and food supplies. New tracks are also being laid between border states and Canada. Those people who are arrested as resistors or dissidents will also be transported in specially prepared prisoner boxcars to the death camps already established near the border, such as the one near Cut Bank, MT. The death camp outside of Cut Bank has been conveniently located right off a major AMTRACK express line in the anticipation of transporting resisters and dissidents conveniently to their deaths by rail.

Reports have been received from INTEL sources nationwide which indicate that certain boxcars are quietly being renovated from the inside so that they can be used for prisoner transport to such death camps. Preparations noted by eye-witnesses include shackles being bolted into the walls to restrain those taken prisoner until they reach their final destination. From our intelligence source in Florida, we know that Russian train engineer experts are already being trained in how to operate American engines and how our rail system functions... Russian railway procedures differ from American. As least fifty Russian engineers are in training presently in Jacksonville, Florida. Many others are apparently being trained in other locations as well. (Note: Some have alleged that the sudden 'fall' of the Soviet states and the Berlin wall was planned in advance as part of an agenda to merge the East and the West into a so called democratic-socialist/communist-socialist New World Order. East and West Berlin would be at the forefront for the reunification of Eastern and Western Europe and in turn -- they hope -- the rest of the world. Germany has also led the way for European unification by establishing an 'open border' policy and encouraging other European countries to do the same. This may sound benign on the outside but considering the facts it may be a ruse to 'unify' Europe under German control, which was actually Adolph Hitler's goal.

However in this case the unification is being accomplished through economic means rather than military means. The control is still in Germany but it is more subtle. The Third Reich established German MILITARY control of Europe. The "European Economic Community" or E.E.C. established ECONOMIC control. In most cases, in this world it is the ECONOMIC forces which control 'governments'. Sad, but true. Notice how the term "Economic" has now been removed, and the New World Order has been re-named the "European Community". Very clever! In other words the unification is no longer just along economic lines but is becoming increasingly political, since the member nations have been pressured into submitting to an E.C. constitution along MORE THAN mere economic lines. France and England have been pulled into this alliance, in spite of two devastating world wars with the country that is secretly orchestrating the E.C., aka the New World Order. Come on France and England, get a clue!!! Germany is not only the largest federated state in the E.C., but in 1990 was the LARGEST economic power in the WORLD, with a trade surplus totaling over $58 billion. With almost no foreign currency reserves in 1949, Germany had accumulated nearly $80 billion in reserves by 1989, compared with the $38 billion in the U.S.A. and $41 billion in Great Britain. A rather incredible "comeback" for a country that had waged two world wars for the sole purpose of offensive conquest, wars that had cost the Allies a HEAVY price in blood and resources. Of course Germany is also the LEADING economic power in the E.C. as well, possessing 35% of the Economic power-base of the European Community according to the GROLIER ENCYCLOPEDIA. So just WHERE does the real power lie in the E.C. / N.W.O?

Considering that the German Black Nobility -- who have controlled vast financial empire's for over 1500 years and have ruled the [un]Holy Roman Empire for centuries -- were the same ones who sent Vladimir Lenin from GERMANY to Russia to start the Communist Revolution, AND the same powers who backed Adolph Hitler... then it is not surprising that Communist East Germany would merge into Democratic(?) West Germany with such ease. It should not be surprising, therefore, to learn that GERMAN troops In the United States AND Canada play a MAJOR role in the planned invasion of North America -- since after all most of the New World Order agenda had its roots in Bavaria region of Germany. Most do not realize that Adolph Hitler's second book, after he wrote MEIN KAMPF, was titled -- believe it or not -- "THE NEW WORLD ORDER". - Branton)

Already seen being transported on these train lines are huge power generators to various locations in Canada, in anticipation of the planned power outages that will be triggered deliberately both in Canada and America as the planned takeover methodically takes place. Incredibly, we now have information that [All emphasis mine, below] THE RUSSIANS HAVE FINALLY SUCCEEDED IN BRIDGING THE GAP BETWEEN SIBERIA AND ALASKA THROUGH A VAST UNDERGROUND TUNNEL! (The Bering Sea between Alaska and Asia is UNDER 100 miles wide at its narrowest point, so this would not be an inconceivable undertaking - Branton) Although documented in more than one newspaper report in Western Canada, THE AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA HAS REMAINED SILENT ON THIS FEAT. RUSSIAN CIVILIANS (???) ARE KNOWN TO BE COMING THRU THIS TUNNEL, 100 PER MONTH, PLUS HEAVY MILITARY ARTILLERY. ALSO, THERE IS YET ANOTHER TUNNEL THAT HAS BEEN BUILT FROM SIBERIA TO NORTHERN CANADA, THIS ONE BEING USED FOR RAILROAD TRANSPORTATION PURPOSES. (Note: It is interesting that several underground tunnels have been discovered by American troops which originate in North Korea and run under the border, emerging at different points in the border region of South Korea. Some of these tunnels are well-built and modern and could accommodate massive troop movements. It appears that North Korea may be planning something for the future, possibly in conjunction with the Russian-Chinese plans mentioned above? A U.S. Air Force Officer who wrote an expose on U.N. betrayal of America forces during the Korean and Vietnam 'wars' has stated that based on intelligence data he has gathered, those Vietnamese 'boat people' who 'escaped' to America AFTER -- not BEFORE -- North Vietnam took control of the South, were and are die-hard Communists. The reason for this is that when the North took control of the South of Vietnam they immediately hunted down all known Anti-Communist activists and sympathizers and exterminated them.

In other words the 'boat people' who left Vietnam FOLLOWING the 'purge' were mostly Communist infiltrators masquerading as people who were 'escaping the Communists'. The USAF officer claimed that these infiltrators are involved in a plan to bring down America, and that they have been accumulating and storing huge weapon stashes in anticipation for the time when they will be called in to action to join their comrades in their war against America. - Branton) The extent of the American Government's [the corporate fascist military-industrial 'government' as opposed to the Constitutional or electorate 'government'] betrayal of her citizens can be further evidenced in the fact that these Chinese and Russian forces are RECEIVING PAYMENT FOR THEIR PRE-INVASION ACTIVITIES THROUGH THE INTERNATIONAL MONETARY FUND... ISSUED ON AMERICAN GOVERNMENT CHECKS. In anticipation of the coming invasion from Russia and China [and German - U.N forces, etc.] Canada has even gone so far as to disband its Western Coast Guard Division, thus they are open to amphibious invasion of America from the West. This was openly evidenced recently through the presentation of a documentary report over the BBC television in London which detailed amphibious assault forces practicing war maneuvers and strategy in the Formosa Straits. When BBC newsmen were permitted to interview these soldiers in training, they repeatedly asked them the following question. "What are you preparing to use this training for?" The shocking, consistent reply was "FOR THE COMING INVASION OF AMERICA!" When it became clear that a gaff in security was created by airing this broadcast over television in England, its scheduled re-broadcast for the next day in London was hastily canceled. (So then, for our readers in our West Coast and especially Hawaiian Naval bases, TAKE NOTICE. You are the last line and front line of defense against such an action. Remember Pearl Harbor, and learn from the mistakes of the past!!! - Branton)


The message is clear. This message is to inform those who may not know the magnitude of the New World Order and its massive agenda. BE WISE AND INVESTIGATE FOR YOURSELVES. We are not getting the truth from agents of government. Examples are Vietnam, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Militias, TWA800, Oklahoma, etc. Beware and prepare! God Bless America. [WE CERTAINLY WON'T STOP IT WITHOUT HIS HELP.] We need his blessing. ARE WE GOING TO WAKE UP IN TIME TO STOP THIS?? [The following accompanied the above information, in the newsletter from which these reports were taken...]

The following articles are excerpts taken from advertisement flyers put out by Serge Monast. They have short news-bites of VERY INTERESTING INFORMATION THAT I FEEL IS WORTH PONDERING. For those who haven't heard yet -- Serge Monast was recently deaded [killed] for his daring exposes of the Elite. His son was kidnapped shortly before he was [killed], also because of his exposing their dastardly deeds and plans to make most of us their slaves... SOON!! I don't have any information whether or not any of his reports are available since he has transitioned to the heavenly realms. -- Al. FEMA: RED IRON PLAN -- NATIONWIDE STATE OF EMERGENCY -- NATIONAL STATE -- SOVEREIGNTY ENDANGERED... Excerpted from THE INTERNATIONAL FREE PRESS AGENCY 'REPORT', 12/96, [quoting:] FORWARDED MESSAGE: FROM: U.N. Military Confidential Source. Sender: Int'l Free Press Agency, Fax: 1 (819) 888-2949 Reply to: Int'l Free Press Agency, Fax: 1 (819) 888-2949 To: Please forward this crucial information to all networks -- World, National Date: December 3rd, 1996; Time 15:00 GMT EXTREMELY URGENT... RED ALERT CONFIRMED HIGH U.N. SENSITIVE MILITARY INFORMATION. NOTE: PLEASE PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THIS ONE... KNOW THAT FOREIGN TROOPS ARE IN STANDBY... THEY ARE DAGGERS POINTED AT THE HEART OF OUR HOMELAND AND SOCIETY... THIS IS REAL... THAT'S ONLY THE BEGINNING... RED IRON FEMA PREPAREDNESS... FEMA: RED IRON FEMA PLAN/NATIONWIDE STATE OF EMERGENCY / NATIONAL STATE SOVEREIGNTY ENDANGERED... STORM WARNING IN AMERICA... Department of the Army, FEMA, FBI, BATF, State and Local Police and other Federal Agencies involved [knowingly OR unknowingly]... the R-EMAP regions correspond exactly, by location and number, to the FEMA regions... R-EMAP, an EPA program, stands for Regional EMAP... UN's Global Biodiversity Assessment (GBA) for UN's Foreign Troops Global Training Centers & Detention Facilities Areas... Bring about national disaster BY ALL MEANS, social unjustified unrest into "Black communities", national financial crisis as a result of massive budget cuts, national social crisis blamed upon Militia and Religious Groups before the end of 1997... 1 million patriotic Americans who may resist the New World Order and Americans who are not "politically correct" are already listed and targeted to be arrested... [Specifically mentioned are Christian followers of those who run talk-shows throughout the country and Churches not under federal control]...

Very high secretive United Nations Military Plans... Never released before... TOP CONFIDENTIAL at high political level... also concern RUSSIAN AND FOREIGN TROOPS DEPLOYMENT AND OCCUPATION OF U.S. TERRITORY UNDER UNITED NATIONS MILITARY COMMAND... FEMA - U.N. Multi-Jurisdictional Police/military operation "TO NEUTRALIZE ALL PATRIOTIC AND CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATIONS IN AMERICA BEFORE THE END OF 1997"...