The Hijacking of Our Movement and the Next Wave of Patriots
Thu, 09 Apr 2009 11:51:36 -0500

The recent wave of “tea parties” has been met with great turnouts as more and more Americans grow fed up with the government’s tax policies. Be it as it may, it is all the more discouraging to know that Bush era cheerleaders (Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin) feel they have a right to support these tea parties.

Polarizing or not, these figures bring with them large numbers of supporters that are taking action against the government’s bailouts and stimulus packages.

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Anti-establishment movement grows, even with aid of Republican mouth pieces

Like many of you I get the sense that our movement is being hijacked. Over the last couple of years, as our numbers grew and our influence increased, I’ve often wondered how the establishment would try to take down our movement. Would they demonize the patriots in the media like they did in the 90’s? Would they try to infiltrate our movement and set up their own false leaders from within like they’ve done with other political movements? I’ve been waiting to see what the establishment would do because I knew that day would come. They can ignore us for only so long. Well, it appears they are taking another route by attempting to co-opt the movement, keep people locked into left right politics, and water down the message of liberty.

I went to the Orlando Tea Party a few weeks ago. I was really encouraged to see thousands of people show up to protest the bailouts and stimulus packages. I came away from the event discouraged, though. It was essentially an Obama bash fest. Most of the people there were Republicans that seemed to have short memories.
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