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One of basic rules in foreign policy is when you’re in a fix, drop it. But American and Israeli bullies have proved again and again that they’re exempted from that wisdom. Both still believe that continuous lying about Iran and threatening it with the “war option on table” will scare Tehran to stop its uranium enrichment, leaving Israel as the only nuclear power in the region.

So, why the US and Israel are so affraid of a possible nuclear Iran while nuclear powers themselves? The answer came from one of the most anti-Iran pro-Israel lawmaker, GOP Senator Lindsey Graham, the most vicious warmongering Islamophobe. In September 2012, in North Augusta, South Carolina, while praising Barack Obama for threatening Iran with war over nuclear weapons, he said: “They have two goals: one, regime survival. The best way for the regime surviving, in their mind, is having a nuclear weapon, because when you have a nuclear weapon, nobody attacks you“. In other words, Lindsey agreed with Israeli Gen. Amir Eshel, head of the Israel Occupation Force (IOF) planning department, who admitted in January 2012 that a nuclear Iran would make impossible for Israel to defeat Hizballah or Hamas.

Seyed Hossein Mousavian Ph.D, a research scholar at Princeton and former Iranian diplomat, in an analysis released on December 18 by pro-Israel advocacy group, Center for Strategic and International Studies has dismissed the impact of economic pressures on Iran, underlining that none of current sanctions could surpass what Iran endured during the 1980-1988 war with Iraq under Saddam Hussain, which in effect was a global assault on the young Islamic Republic.

Mousavian has stressed that the recent ‘Islamic Awakening,’ labeled by the West as the ‘Arab Spring,’ has strengthened his view on the US collapse in the region and beyond. He concludes that the latest developments in the region indicate ”the failure of United States dominance and that the capitalist system has reached a complete deadlock, while the world is at a historical juncture, where the Iranian nation and Muslim nations can play a fundamental role in advancing Islamic values worldwide. He is also confident that “the rise of Islamic identity has become stronger than ever and has weakened the influence of United States and Israel in the region.

Personally, I think, for the time being, only the Zionist entity benefits from the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ which has created breeding ground for western military inteference and rise of Shia-Sunni religious sectarianism – resulting in weakening of Muslim nation-states around the Zionist entity.

Christian Stork posted an ‘Idiot’s Guide on Iran’s Nuclear Program’ on September 27, 2012, which is worth reading. Stork debunks several Zionists’ lies about Iran. He proves that:

1) Iran is not building nuclear bombs. 2) Iran is not a threat to the US. 3) Iran is not an existential threat to Israel. 4) Iran’s leadership is not fanatical or suicidal like Israeli leaders. 5) Western media has been lying about Iran’s nuclear bomb since 1980s. 6) Both US and Israel security establishment are against attack on Iran. 7) Majority of American and Israeli people are against war with Iran. 8) Iran will produce a nuclear bomb for certain if country is attacked by Israel or United States. 9) Iran’s nuclear program is 101% kosher under NPT. 10) Demanding Iran to stop enrichment is against Iran’s rights as signatory of NPT. 11) Iran is portrayed as being “intransigent” in the face of generous US compromise offers, but in fact it is Iran that has repeatedly offered compromises on its nuclear program — offers which have been ignored or actively undermined by both the Obama and Bush administrations. 12) Iran’s nuclear program is supported by 120-member NAM and several other nations. 13) Iran’s nuclear program has become as vital to Iranians as Holocaust to the Zionists. 14) Iran has sponsored two international conferernce calling for a “nuclear-free Middle East”, which has been rejected by Israel. Read the article here.

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