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Israelis and the Zionists around the world are known for applying every possible means including pornography to sell their version of the Jewish sufferings in Europe during Nazi era.

On Thursday, an Israeli group, Helping Hand, held a beauty contest in Haifa for the Holocaust survivors in Israel. The group estimate that there are 200,000 survivors living in the Zionist entity. The numbers have been on rise since Dr. Norman Finkelstein wrote the book ‘The Holocaust Industry’, inspite of the fact that according to Israeli daily, Jerusalem Post (April 16, 2012), “one Holocaust survivor dies every hour in Israel”.

According to Israeli media, 14 Israeli Jewish women took part in the contest. Romanian-born Hava Hershkovitz, 79, was declared as the ‘Miss Holocaust’. She won a family weekend at a resort while the other contestants were given electronic distress buttons.

The contest, drew criticism from some Israeli Jews who considered it cheapening the Holocaust memory. Colette Avital, a former member of Israeli Knesset, denounced the contest as “macabre“.

Dr. Finkelstein have slammed both Zionists and Israelis for turning Holocaust into a “cash cow”. Canadian Rabbi Wolf Gunther Plaut (d. 2012) has claimed in his book, ‘The Man Who Would Be Messiah‘ that the mass murders of Jews, Christians and Gypsies under Hitler’s rule were in fact carried by the Frankist Jews.

The Holocaust is indeed a very profitable industry. While the Jews along with other anti-Nazi communities were being hunted in Europe in the 1940s – the leaders of World Zionist movement were compaigning in Britain, the US and Canada – asking the respective governments not to allow European Jews enter those countries because that would fuel the existing ‘anti-Semitism’. It was only the West Germans under US Occupation which ended up paying US$93 billion as compensation for Nazi crimes. The Americans who did not take part in the holocaust - had been made to pay more than US$3,000 billion since 1970s.

Federick A. Leuchter, an American legal expert on Holocaust believes that the Holocaust (aka “Six Million Died”) was created solely for the financial benefit of the Zionist entity.

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