Truth feeder
All this preoccupation with spiritual charlatans (e.g. Sai Baba, Dalai Lama, the Pope, Billy Graham crackers, etc.); UFO hoaxers (e.g. Billy Meier and his trashcan saucers, Project Blue Beam and its holographic saucers, etc.); New Age dreamers; talk show screamers; plain sight symbolism; general population dumbing down and dimbulbism; doomsday forecasts; etc. etc. ... is this to be our last supper as TBastardsTB envelop the good Earth's atmosphere with chemtrails (in the duty of their global human culling fields) and prepare to disappear into underground bunkers?

The world's populations are beginning to resist vaccination programs. In this narrative, do chemtrails offer TPTB an alternative method that the world's populations cannot resist? In short, do they contain the atmospheric adjuvants of a modern day bubonic plague?