The Shamans Ho'oponopono technique Hawai Part 1


The Shamans Ho'oponopono technique Hawai Part 1

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Peace begins with me.

How can you release pain, release old blockages,
problems or reprogram your subconscious?
These four phrases to use.

I love you

Excuse me

Forgive me

Thank you

Suppose that in your life something nasty happens (which is always reducible to old programs). Then you can eg. say the following:

I love you, old memories or programs, but it is now time for you to go. I forgive myself for creating this situation in my life. Thank you for this opportunity to say (the program or memory) in love to let go.

In this sense, three of the four phrases processed. The aim is to:

-- To accept what is, as what occurs in reality seem boring. A problem is seen as an opportunity for an old pattern to clean and is therefore a positive event.

-- The energy of old programs in a loving way to be released. Only if you love something, you can be released. You oppose the old programs, only worse. Therefore love is the reality as it is a prerequisite to cleaning of the unconscious.

This is the original prayer of Kahuna healer Morrnah the technique taught to Dr. Len.

Unity of Divine creator, father, mother, son and daughter. If I, my family and ancestors, you, your family or ancestors have offended by words, deeds and actions from the beginning of creation to the present, then I ask you for forgiveness.

And it happened.

My life and relationships I base the following findings:

The physical universe is a realization of my mind.

If my negative and destructive thoughts, then they inevitably create a negative and destructive physical reality.

If my thoughts perfectly, then they inevitably create a reality that is full of love.

I am 100% responsible for the creation of reality as it is here and now.

I am 100% responsible for the negative and destructive thoughts to improve.

There is no outside world. Everything exists as thoughts in my mind.



The Shamans Ho'oponopono technique Hawai Part 2
Saturday, June 6, 2009

Four techniques to avoid the old memories and patterns
continue to repeat in the unconscious:

[ I love you.

o When old memories continue to repeat, say quietly: "I love you, precious memories. I am grateful for the opportunity for you to let go of myself and be free.

o Memories remain until you dismiss them.

o "I love you" can also be used if you are not aware of problems.

o Use this technique constantly.

[ Thank you.

o Use this key together with "I love you."

o Also, use continuously.

[ Blue Solar Water.

o Drink a lot of blue solar water. Water is a powerful healer and purifies all systems.

o Take a blue glass bottle, fill them with water, close them with a cork and put it an hour in the sun (or under an incandescent lamp).

o Use it for drinking, cooking and washing.

o Blue solar water stops the repetition of old patterns in the subconscious.

[ Strawberry and blueberry

o Both fresh and dried helping memories and patterns of release.