The Vatican opens its Secret Archives to dispel Dan Brown myths


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After centuries of being kept under lock and key, the Vatican has started opening its Secret Archives to outsiders in a bid to dispel the myths and mystique created by works of fiction such as Dan Brown's Angels and Demons.

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The only one thought is striking me: what is the reason of the opening of the Secret Archives of Vatican today? And why it takes place after the publication and filming of Dan Brown's fictions? May be it is a predesigned action of Vatican aiming to enhance the prestige of the church.


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To me, that just gives more validity to what Dan Brown has been saying. Having his stories be called out as fiction and the Vatican releasing "proof", makes me believe the "fiction" of Dan Brown all the more. They say, truth is most often presented in a fictional format, and it's done so that no one will believe it, and that fiction is presented as truth. In this case, most likely truth presented AS truth, called fiction to take the attention off of it and get people to stop looking into it as fact. Just my opinion.


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Unfortunately, everything indicates to that that the church has turned into the secular organization since the time of St. Peter and it is hard to advance the equality between the God and the church administration.